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21 Alternatives To The Google Search Engine In 2023

When searching the Internet,  Google is the most used engine. It is consulted by more than  90%  of the Indian population and records more than  70,000  searches per second and more than  2000 billion annually. This growth is due to its various services, which it continues to improve, thus giving more concrete results to users.

Nevertheless, nowadays, there are other search engines. They are certainly little known but remain reliable. Well distributed in each area, they offer interesting features and respect their users’ privacy. Discover in this article more 20 Search Engines  You Can Use in  2021  to Optimize Your Internet Queries!


Developed by  Microsoft Corporation,  it is currently Google’s main competitor in India. Its services are almost similar to those of Google. With this engine, you also get suggestions while entering your queries, for example. It also allows website owners to display their sites on search pages. In addition, its homepage is uncluttered and clean and includes several options: videos, images, news, shopping, travel, or maps. 

Very reliable, its image search function allows the detection of embedded objects and is more advanced than that of Google; also, like its competitor, Bing, previews site content, saving time. The functionalities of this engine are very multiple and diversified. They are related to conversion, translation, sports scores, spell check, flight tracking, etc. Also, it earns credits for its users, which can be used to purchase movies or apps online. On the other hand, it is used more on fixed platforms than mobile ones.


Since its conception, the Chinese search engine  Baidu has been an alternative to Google, with  72.74%  of the market share in  June 2019. It is the most widely used engine in  China and is designed in Mandarin (Chinese language). It has over  665 million users worldwide, with  22 million active daily and  70 million active on mobile.

With over 100 million media files and images available, Baidu handles around  200 million searches in text and images. While knowing that it registers per month more than  4 billion voice searches per year, it offers highly interactive and dynamic results. These also contain applications and dozens of links. Likewise, it offers several other services, including maps, news, and cloud storage.

Yahoo Search

Founded by two Stanford  University students in  1994,  Yahoo was initially just a  web directory. It has grown over the years and is now the third-largest search engine in the world. It partnered with  Microsoft to optimize its results, which allowed it to use Bing search results.

Besides a portal, it offers other services, including web hosting and email. Also, while  Yahoo Finance and  Yahoo Answers present you with information on several topics,  Yahoo Search offers excellent results for images. It is available in 38 languages  ​​and is particularly suitable for news, finance, and sports searches.


Founded in  2006  by an American entrepreneur, this search engine was designed to protect the privacy of its users and not spy on them. Officially launched in  2008, it reached its first million searches per day in  2012. It has over  377 million daily searches and is ranked  7th  in global market share.

Its Instant Answers feature lets you easily find music, films, biographies, or culinary recipes. Similarly,  Bang, another feature of  DuckDuckGo, takes you directly to other platforms like  Wikipedia, Amazon, or eBay. However, although it does not log its users’ data and protects their privacy, you are not immune to surveillance by intelligence services.


After its first launch in  2013, it has been finalized and continues to grow. Apart from the images, news, and videos this search engine offers, you will also find various options: social media, music, car, health, employment, etc. It is also available in the Lite version allowing better exploitation. Likewise, it brings together several features. For example,  Qwant Music searches for albums, artists, and titles. With  Qwant Maps in beta version, you obtain reliable cartographic information while always preserving your data. This French search engine plans to launch  Qwant Science and  Qwant Med related to science and medicine.


The Ecosia web search tool is planned to answer a particular issue. Without a doubt, each inquiry made on Google or some other motor produces almost 7g of CO2, as per Planetoscope. Ecosia is answering this peculiarity by partaking in a reforestation program. Subsequently, he is in a joint effort with a few environmental organizations and utilizes his benefits to establish trees.

It has proactively arrived at the achievement of 50 million trees planted worldwide. Its pay is gotten for the most part from commercials, and eco joins. Moreover, Ecosia doesn’t always keep inquiries and doesn’t involve your information for the goal of promoting. It has more than 5 million dynamic clients and shows similar outcomes as Bing.


These two young French people set it up in  2014 with the resolution to donate 50%  of their income to social and environmental projects. This is the same principle as Ecosia. Indeed, each request made on this engine generates drops of water which are then monetized. Thus,  Lilo chooses a weekly project and manages its financing until its execution.

In  3 years already, Lilo has donated  1 million euros to organizations. It is an engine that presents a showcase highlighting companies and associations with a positive impact. And under his search bar, you will find all kinds of news and the projects he supports. Its webmail service  Lilo and mobile browser  Lilo Browser are available on iOS and Android.


Several search categories are available on this engine. Namely: images, files, maps, computing, news, music, social networks, science, and videos. It is open source because it allows the dissemination of its source code. Therefore, it is modifiable and can be installed on other sites. You can thus participate in its modification.

It gets its information from Bing or Google and respects the privacy of its users. SearX displays the results with maps or extracts that can be downloaded in a cartographic search. Likewise, you can adjust according to your preferences to obtain precise and fast results. It is a very interesting alternative to Google.


Adam Angelo,  co-founder and CTO of  Facebook, is the designer of  Quora. Originally released in English in  2010, it is now available in French. It is special because it offers its users the possibility of contributing to search results. The engine requires users’ real identities via their Facebook and Google accounts to participate in exchanges.

During registration, they can choose the themes that best meet their needs. It is also a function that allows them to modify the questions and answers to obtain better results. It is a dynamic, fast, and easy-to-use platform. By its original concept, this engine is also a social network.


Of Russian origin and online since  1997,  Yandex was designed by a computer scientist. In  Russia, it is the most used engine, surpassing Mountain View. Moreover, in Russia and  Turkey,  it is the default search engine of  Mozilla Firefox. It offers the same tools as Google with a simple design. So, several suggestions appear as soon as you start typing your query.

If the results are unsatisfactory, you can go to Bing or Google through this search engine. Its design is Russian, so the results are more considerable than Google’s. It contains several features, including  Yandex.Money, Yandex. Translate, which are online payment and machine translation services, respectively.


Naver is the leading search engine in  South Korea and ranks 9th   among search engines. It was created in  1999  by the  Naver corporation and is the first web portal using its search engine. Apart from that, he was also the first to introduce the function which allows the compilation of the results of several categories on a single page.

2017 it had more than  42 million users, including  25 million Koreans. Its mobile application has more than  28 million users. Its multiple services are efficient and include, among other things, news, e-mail, and online questions. Since its algorithms are designed in Korean, they give more relevant results than other search engines.


Formerly known as  Ixquick,  StartPage respects user privacy and does not log user information or personal data. Likewise, with this search engine, you are no longer subject to advertisements that often consider your various queries. Similarly, it offers a proxy service, which makes your work anonymous.

It is available in  17 languages  ​​, and its results often mirror those Google provides in private mode. To date, it already has around  6 million searches per day. You also can define your search preferences with this engine. On the other hand, your histories are deleted after 90 days of inactivity.


You can utilize this motor, assuming you are searching for sovereignty-free reports. You get a wide range of content separated into pictures, melodies, and recordings with CC Pursuit, which regards creators’ freedoms. It incorporates more than 10 million pictures; on everyone, it determines the creator and the title.

It utilizes results from locales like creature variety web, Brooklyn Historical Center, DeviantArt, Flickr, and others. You can save or make picture records, apply labels, or show them as top picks. Likewise, this web index doesn’t expect enlistment to profit from its administrations. Like this, make it a point to this motor to invigorate your destinations and web journals!

Infinity Search

Like  DuckDuckGo and StartPage,  Infinity Search protects the privacy of its users. It does not record or provide any information that could lead to the tracking of these. Although it has its indexing system, it draws search results from different sources. It contains several integrations, namely:  HTML editors and stock charts. Likewise, like  SearX, it is an open-source search engine.


Kiddle is an alternative to Google, dubbed the Children’s Google. Created in  2016,  it uses Google codes and is mainly intended for children. Although the logo and name resemble that of the American giant,  Kiddle does not belong to it. Its results are filtered using the Google  Safe Search function and are divided into 3 parts. Thus, the first 3 results are intended for children. Those between positions 4 and 7 are not necessarily suitable for young audiences. As for the latest results, they include sites for adults. Likewise, it does not save the data of its users. Kimages, Kpedia, news, and videos are all features available on this engine.


Even if Google remains essential, it does not allow the viewing of illegal content. To access this content, you have to turn to other search engines. You will find  DarkSearch, which is quite easy to use among them. With it, you can perform your streaming downloads in particular. Then again, even though it is the first web crawler of the dark web, it doesn’t show every one of the outcomes.


Yippy was formerly known as  Clusty and safeguarded its clients’ protection. Its query items are coordinated into envelopes. This motor offers a few tabs to perform better hunts, including pictures, occupations, news, online journals… and so forth. It channels results utilizing time, source, or subjects, introducing the most pertinent destinations for your pursuits. As of now, it has more than 200,000 month-to-month guests, with 30% Americans. Also, Yahoo is accessible in the tablet PC form, on Nintendo Wii, Cell phones, and PC. It additionally utilizes results from other web crawlers to give additional delightful outcomes.


Based in Germany,  MetaGer is a popular alternative search engine to Google. With its system based on  24 websites, it protects the privacy of its users. It also uses search results from over  50 search engines offering different results. Moreover, it provides route planning and maps regardless of geographical position. It is indeed a non-profit organization that uses green energy.


This search engine is designed by engineers from  Google and the NSA. It differs greatly from the others since it does not provide search results directly on its website. Indeed, it directs your requests to other servers while making your searches anonymous and gives you your results on the engines of your choice. With  Disconnect, all you have to do is use your favorite engines while keeping your privacy. These proposed functions are quite multiple and allow the blocking of the follow-up of certain sites, the consultation of the requests for advertisements, and many others.


If you still want to browse Google without tracking, opt for the Lukol search engine. The latter preserves the privacy of its users while providing them with Google results. You can search for news, images, or videos. However,  Lukol does not provide result filtering. It is a very simple engine to use.


If you like to cook, this motor is for you! Indeed, it specializes in culinary recipes and, as such, provides a lot of information related to cooking. On  Yummly, more than  2 million recipes are listed, with nearly  26 million users. Whatever the recipe and the country concerned, you will find what you are looking for in record time. Now, with our selection of alternative search engines, you can learn how to do without Google. So do not hesitate to test a few to see the difference!

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