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Top 8 CRMs Made In India

While examining the best CRM programming, we initially consider global pioneers like Salesforce, HubSpot, or Pipedrive. The issue with these frameworks is that they are frequently unwieldy to introduce and keep up with, yet likewise, once in a while, they could be better deciphered. Many organizations in indian favor india distributors for greater vicinity, nature of help, and security in information secrecy. If you desire to outfit yourself with an India CRM to deal with your client relationship, find our determination of the eight best programs available.

Sendinblue CRM

Founded in 2012 in Paris, Sendinblue is known above all as emailing software but has diversified its catalog of features over time. It has been offering a CRM integrated into the platform since 2019, affirming its positioning as an all-in-one Marketing & Sales tool. The Sendinblue CRM is a simple and effective solution that adapts very well to the basic needs of many VSEs and SMEs.

 Its multiple functions, including contact management, dashboard, emailing, marketing automation, and SMS campaigns, will help you communicate, engage and convert more customers. Adopting Sendinblue CRM allows you to segment your contacts according to the criteria of your choice and provides a global view of your activity in real time.


Launched in 2017 in Toulouse, Axonaut is a simple CRM and an all-in-one ERP for SMEs.Business the executives, quotes and solicitations, income, and bookkeeping, this large number of modules are coordinated into the apparatus. He can thus fully support your company during all your commercial processes, from prospecting to the collection. 

As a CRM, Axonaut allows you to manage and track your prospects and contacts precisely and personally. Its design is easily usable and understandable. With its automation feature, you can save valuable time by automating time-consuming tasks. In terms of prices, Axonaut CRM is perfectly affordable for small structures. Its customer support is also responsive while offering personalized solutions.


Sellsy is an all-in-one software dedicated to VSEs and SMEs and was created in 2010 in La Rochelle. Simple, ergonomic, and compelling, more than 4,500 companies across India are working with this program. It offers a variety of complete functionalities: CRM, invoicing, accounting, and customer service… Using Sellsy allows you to follow your business opportunities and the entire sales cycle, from prospecting to customer loyalty. Its many automation functions (email, marketing, sales process…) are convenient to save time. Customer support is available to help you quickly get to grips with the software. Its other advantage is that all your files are stored under high security.


Created in 2014, the India noCRM software was developed by salespeople with the primary mission of helping salespeople sell. It is mainly aimed at Freelancers, VSEs, and SMEs looking for a fast and efficient CRM. It is an out-of-the-box tool, low in customization, and simple to use. Foreclosures are spared so that your sales team can immediately focus on prospecting and gain productivity. The functionality of noCRM is based on tracking business opportunities. It allows you to segment potential prospects, assign tasks and track leads through a visual sales pipeline. For managers, it includes functionalities for structuring sales teams and reporting and KPI tools.

Coheris CRM

Coheris CRM is a CRM software suite allowing you to control the relationship between your company and your customers. It covers the needs of various departments: sales forces, marketing, and customer service. It offers a unique and global vision of customer value, ensuring a better knowledge of your customers.

Equipped with advanced functionalities, Coheris CRM makes it possible to segment and target prospects, manage newsletters, plan commercial actions, or even model sales cycles. To increase your business more quickly, it improves the commercial performance of your teams, reduces your costs, and builds customer loyalty. An adapted follow-up accompanies you for its deployment in your organization.


Efficy is a versatile and adjustable CRM for organizations that must fabricate a strong relationship of trust with their clients. This product is appropriate for a wide range of associations, from VSEs to huge gatherings, and addresses the issues, everything being equal: deals, functional showcasing, and acute administration.

According to a practical perspective, Efficy CRM has a total set-up of highlights that permits you to screen your business, unify and impart your client data set to your representatives, and advantage from cutting edge revealing and email instruments. . By furnishing yourself with this apparatus, you will better be aware, target, draw in, sell and fulfill your clients. Crafted by your groups will likewise be streamlined.


Youday is an open indiaCRM stage addressed especially to VSEs, SMEs, and ETIs searching for a primary and viable arrangement. It is adjusted to the requirements of every association, whose mission is to help them develop their action. Youday CRM programming works in SaaS mode for a quick organization without establishment.

It is adjustable with a confident and natural connection point. Regarding highlights, guarantee your client relationship with the executives is all finished. It offers clients and prospects the executives, centralization of plans, business the board, after-deals administration and tagging follow-up, and significantly more.

YellowBox CRM

YellowBox CRM is an adaptable and versatile client relationship with the executive’s arrangement in SaaS mode. It permits you to unify and divide your business data among promoting, deals powers, and client care. Accordingly, you further develop your client information to hold them and gain more.

The practical boundary of YellowBox CRM is finished: contact the board, follow up on leads and agreements, make activities and updates, investigate promoting efforts, reveal, and dashboards… You can likewise advance it with coordinated devices, like inward cooperative informing, planning, emailing the executives, etc.

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