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The Smart Light Switch In The Test: Sonic’s Powerless Miracle

Light is a decisive factor for your well-being and your health. Therefore, an Smart light switch for your apartment is worth considering. We tested the “Smart Switch” from Scenic in Berlin. Our conclusion. Many people underestimate the importance of light in everyday life. For example, staring at a screen that is too dark at work all the time will damage your eyes in the long term. It is even worse if this screen is too small.

The blue light from our smartphones is just as harmful to our health. This ensures that we get tired more slowly and fall asleep more difficult in the evening. That is why it makes sense to stop using the smartphone before going to sleep and activate the so-called “night shift.”

Smart Light Switch: Your Smart Home Is Good For Your Health

It is even more helpful if you take advantage of technological advances and upgrade your entire apartment accordingly. That means that you should think about using intelligent lightbulbs in the places where you go to sleep.

So when you sit on the sofa in the living room and talk, you can use bright light bulbs like the Philips Hue to automatically dim your light over time and activate warm, red light colors. This will make you tired on your own. These can be conveniently controlled via the app. But that’s precisely what many people don’t want at all. You don’t want to keep picking up your smartphone to adjust the color nuances.

Smart Light Switch As A Solution To The App Dilemma

Of course, there is also an intelligent solution for this: intelligent light switches. As an official partner of Philips, the Berlin company Scenic is represented on the market with a corresponding product. The “Hue Smart Switch” is currently available in black, gray, and white for just under 69 euros. We tested the smart light switch from Berlin for several weeks – and we are thrilled.

Installation And Handling Of The Scenic Smart Switch

This is also because setting it up is effortless and straightforward. Our test took less than two minutes, from unpacking to commissioning. Because Scenic is an official partner of Philips Hue, you don’t have to connect to your intelligent home system awkwardly. Your smart light switch recognizes the interconnected network immediately and connects automatically.

Due to the integrated Energy Harvesting Technology, the light switch generates the energy it needs for execution when pressed. That means: You don’t need a battery or a power connection. You can just get started.

Mobility And Flexibility

The Scenic Smart Switch does not require any assembly. It is possible to mount the light switch on a wall. You can also put it loosely on your table and carry it around with you. This is particularly advantageous because you can lie comfortably on your sofa and don’t have to stretch to the light switch on the wall laboriously.

The complete integration of Scenic into the Philips Hue system means that all functions are available to you via the Hue app. You can assign a total of eight tasks to the four switches – one for pressing a button and one for holding it down. This means that, for example, you can turn on the light on a switch at the push of a button and, if necessary, switch it even brighter.


A smart light switch is an asset to every apartment. Installation is quick, uncomplicated, and does not require any technical knowledge. The only requirement is an intelligent Philips Hue lightbulb and app. If you meet this challenge, the Scenic Smart Switch is the perfect extension for you and your family.

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