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The Best Alternatives To Asana For Project Management This Year

Many undertaking the executive’s arrangements, similar to Asana, draw on administration approaches and methods to advance ideal assignment arranging. Asana is a cooperative stage intended for overseeing public and confidential tasks. Be that as it may, to profit from much more functionalities, administrators rapidly go to options in contrast to Asana.

Albeit all tasks the executive’s program makes it simple to oversee projects, a few computerized arrangements can be more successful for explicit undertakings. This article talks about the best options in contrast to Asana for a project for the executives this year.


What Is Project Management?

Project the executives is the moves initiated to plan a task plan, send off it, and screen its execution. It converts into the utilization of devices yet additionally is an administration situation by its own doing, which goes from the meaning of goals to the association of the groups’ work.

What Is Project Management Software?

Project the executive’s programming is a computerized arrangement that makes it simple to oversee projects, upgrade asset designation, circulate work, and further develop representative efficiency. It offers different elements, among which is the computerization of assignments, which advances better using time productively.

What Are The Benefits Of Project Management Software?

Among the benefits of project management software is the detailed planning of the tasks to be carried out for better monitoring. This is done in particular through visual representations such as the Gantt chart. This solution also promotes the distribution of tasks in the team and better communication.

How Does Asana Work?

Asana is a collaboration software designed to manage projects, from organizing events to HR. It allows group members to be in a dedicated space and to launch public or private projects. Its sections promote the optimal organization of tasks, and the inbox displays real-time notifications.

What Are The Best Alternatives To Asana For Project Management?

Some of the best alternatives to Asana include:

  1. Bitrix24
  2. red booth
  3. Workzone
  4. base camp
  5. Adobe Workfront
  6. Wrike
  7. Trello
  8. Zoho Projects
  9. Jira
  10. Mind Manager

Bitrix24, One Of The Best Work Management Tools

Bitrix24 is one of the best project management solutions to help teams organize and orchestrate projects and tasks from A to Z. Easy to learn and very affordable, this collaboration software is suitable for organizations of any size. He offers :

  1. Management tools for an unlimited number of tasks and projects.
  2. A shared calendar to track the time spent on each task and check the availability of team members.
  3. Customizable reports accessible in real-time to track KPIs
  4. Models of recurring tasks to save time in the organization of work.
  5. Different types of views, including deadlines, Gantt, and Kanban, to track work progress in real-time.
  6. Communication tools (instant messaging, mobile messaging, videoconferencing, audio calls, telephony, private social networks) to facilitate exchanges within teams.
  7. Document management tools to promote data sharing.
  8. Numerous integrations to design a tailor-made solution.

All these features, added to the mobile app (iOS and Android), make Bitrix24 one of the best alternatives to Asana this year.

Redbooth, One Of The Alternatives To Asana That Reinvents Project Management

Redbooth is a digital solution to help organizations quickly make sense of their most important projects. This software works online, in the office, or on the go. It offers features like:

  1. Customizable kanban boards allow you to plan the project, monitor the progress of the work, and better manage and communicate the tasks.
  2. Managing deadlines: delegating tasks and defining a period for completion, as well as statuses and priorities, is possible.
  3. Dashboards let employees know their tasks list in real-time and better organize themselves.
  4. Timeline representations offer a chronological view of projects to manage bottlenecks better.
  5. Detailed productivity reports allow you to assess the effectiveness of project teams.
  6. HD Video Meetings: Allows you to share presentations and hold important team meetings throughout the project.

Workzone, The Solution Designed For Busy Project Teams

Workzone is another excellent app for those looking for alternatives to Asana. It is specially designed to help busy managers deliver all their projects on time. To fulfil this mission, the solution offers advantages such as:

  1. The global view of projects through the dashboard: this summary interface presents all ongoing projects related to departments, customers, or campaigns. It is an excellent tool to save time in processes and approvals.
  2. Tactical task lists allow you to manage priorities based on continuously updated data.
  3. Team management: it is possible to put several collaborators on the same project, distribute the tasks, and follow the workload.
  4. Personalized to-do lists: Employees have a personal to-do list that always lets them know what to do next.
  5. Tracking results: By continuously monitoring work progress, changes can be made to maximize results.

Basecamp, The Collaboration Software That Facilitates Teamwork

Basecamp is a collaborative platform that helps organize all project tasks in one place. From then on, it becomes easier to see where things stand. This promotes better collaboration and higher output. This tool is among the best alternatives to Asana this year for various reasons. In each project, the teams benefit from many tools to work together, including:

  1. Bulletin Boards: where collaborators can post announcements, ideas, and updates and post comments.
  2. Tasks to do include the list of tasks that must be carried out.
  3. Calendars allow you to set important dates and subscribe to events in Outlook or iCal.
  4. Documents and files: this option allows you to share documents, images, spreadsheets, and other files and to organize the data in folders to find them easily.
  5. Group discussions: to exchange in real time on all types of subjects.
  6. Automatic recordings allow you to schedule recurring questions and get all the answers together in an easy-to-view thread.

Adobe Workfront, One Of The Best Alternatives To Asana For Managing Complex Workflows

Adobe Workfront is designed to help project teams streamline workflow, no matter how complex. This is done through custom templates and automation, such as assigning tasks and updating apps and systems. This software assists managers during the following steps:

  1. The development of the strategy: it helps to set the objectives, define evolutionary processes, and link the projects and tasks to be carried out.
  2. Work planning: Adobe Workfront helps design automatically updated plans and compare them for optimal task assignment.
  3. Task execution: You can work in Adobe Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud applications and take advantage of all work methodologies, including Agile.
  4. Review: Options here include comparing and approving online drafts, saving versions, and commenting.
  5. Delivery: The app helps complete projects on time and within budget with customizable dashboards and real-time updates.

Wrike, One Of The Best Project Management Solutions For Agile Companies

If you want to transform the way your teams work, you can trust Wrike. This solution offers 360° visibility, department collaboration tools, and powerful automation. It owes it to be on this list of alternatives to Asana. You can benefit from features related to the following:

  1. We are harnessing the power of AI: through voice commands and intelligent responses, document processing, and more.
  2. Project planning: using interactive Gantt charts, kanban boards, and pre-designed templates.
  3. Automatic assignment of tasks: through personalized request forms.
  4. Optimal time management: with visual proofing, digital editing, automated workflows and approval processes, and shared team calendars.
  5. Visibility on results: via project portfolio management and advanced analytics.

Trello, One Of The Best Alternatives To Asana Based On The Kanban View

Trello is the best work management tool inspired by the kanban approach. It is both a project management method and a device based on visual and real-time principles. This software allows you to choose from various project templates, from simple designs to salesforce projects. It all starts with a board, lists, and maps. You can then customize options as the job develops. These include, among others:

  1. Assignment of tasks
  2. Deadlines
  3. Productivity measures
  4. Calendars
  5. The attachments
  6. Conversations.

On Trello, cards are a work portal to manage, track, and share tasks with teammates. The platform also offers a no-code automation system to reduce the number of tedious tasks and clicks on the dashboard. You can also add Power-Ups to integrate your teams’ applications, such as Slack, Drive, and Dropbox.

Zoho Projects, An Excellent Cloud-Based Project Management Software

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based solution that owes its place in this list of alternatives to Asana to its many essential features for good project management. Among its advantages are:

  1. Task management: with features like universal ad, sprints, reminders, issue management, and Gantt chart.
  2. Customizations: through layouts, customizable fields, and templates, among others.
  3. Team collaboration: via feeds, mentions, chat, forums, documents, and email aliases.
  4. Automation: Blueprint, SLA, Business Rules, Webhooks, and Notifications.
  5. Optimal time management: via timers, timesheets, invoicing, budgeting, and calendar.
  6. Charts and reports: task reports, timesheet reports, project dashboards, and budget forecasts.
  7. User administration: This includes managing resources, profiles, and roles.
  8. Integrations and add-ons: like CRM, Desk, Drive, Google Calendar, GitHub, and more.

Jira, A Collaboration Software Designed For Scalability

Jira is a customizable, scalable enterprise solution that scales across the organization. You can enrich it over time with more than 3,000 other applications to obtain a tailor-made tool. It’s one of the best Asana alternatives this year for:

  1. Create user stories and tickets, schedule sprints, and distribute tasks to your team.
  2. Define priorities, have total visibility, and exchange with your team on the work.
  3. Save time, stay focused, and work smarter with automation processes.
  4. Use a predefined workflow or create one that faithfully reflects your working methods.
  5. Improve team performance using real-time updated reports.
  6. Deliver projects faster and more reliably with more innovative crew schedules.

MindManager, An Effective Alternative To Asana For Mind Mapping

It is essential to present alternatives and decisions to allocate resources optimally according to needs. MindManager helps you in this process with its various mind-mapping options. It also keeps all stakeholders informed, ensuring that your projects are completed on time and target.

  1. Visualize the objectives, and detect disagreements or shortcomings.
  2. Validate needs after comparing all possible options.
  3. Manage resources for optimal allocation.
  4. Adjust and optimize timelines and resources based on changes.
  5. Establish the budget based on priorities and deadlines.
  6. Efficiently prepare the following projects through the registration of personalized templates.

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