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New Workforce Management: Digital & Flexible In Working World Of Future

New Workforce Management: The world is changing rapidly. Industry 4.0 and digital change are transforming the world of work. Companies that want to keep pace have to be agile – especially in their work processes. Those companies that take the wishes of their employees into account when planning their working hours are one step ahead in the labor market. Digital workforce management combines economic efficiency with employee satisfaction, ensures compliance with requirements, and thus creates competitive advantages.

New Workforce Management: New York And The New Way Of Working

Learn more about:

  • the five primary drivers of the current and future world of work
  • digital desired duty rosters, shift swap exchanges, self-services, and apps
  • the implementation of individual working time models depending on age and phase of life
  • Efficiency and legal security through digitized processes
  • Digitization and data security

Flexible Duty Scheduling From Which Everyone Benefits

A professional workforce management software brings together all relevant information for a demand-oriented and, at the same time, employee-oriented deployment planning. On the one hand, there is company-specific data such as the forecast staffing requirements, time and vacation balances, working time and shift patterns, as well as statutory and collective bargaining regulations. On the part of the workforce, absences requested digitally, annual leave, and working time and shift requests are incorporated. The result is a cutting-edge duty roster that considers all factors and meets the increasing requirements for data protection and audit security. At the same time, supervisors and employees gain more transparency, efficiency, and flexibility around the organization of working hours.

Digital Employee Experience That Integrates And Motivates

If companies include their employees’ individual life and performance situations in their workforce planning, this has many advantages. The need for time off and sick leave is reduced, and the willingness to take on an additional shift increases. Employees, including the deskless workforce without their PC access, are integrated into the processes relating to working hours via intuitive workforce management apps and self-services. Functions such as shift swap exchange, working time requests, paperless vacation requests, and intuitive time recording on the desktop or via smartphone create an optimal digital employee experience.

System Integration According To Common Standards

The 24/7 availability of company software plays an essential role in the working world of the future. A solution for workforce management must be intuitively usable from anywhere globally, at any time, and for any user group. Hybrid multi-cloud architectures offer the possibility of pulling together extensive application and data clouds. The prerequisite is that these systems can be integrated quickly and follow current standards.

At the same time, server and cloud applications must be protected against unauthorized access and securely networked with one another. With professional workforce management software, the smooth connection to cloud-based HCM systems such as SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central or Workday and existing ERP and wage and salary systems should be ensured. Only then can platforms be merged efficiently and without loss of productivity.

New Work Is Within Reach

With New Workforce Management, work-life integration and an optimal employee experience become a reality for large workforce parts. Based on real-time data, the actual personnel requirements, and the individual wishes of the workforce, working hours are created from which employers and employees benefit. 

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