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LinkedIn, In The Sights Of Marketers

LinkedIn is a social network gradually establishing itself in the digital world. Its users are constantly growing, and it is certainly not by chance. The web is particularly suitable for B2B communications, for which it has dethroned Viadeo, its main competitor. For many marketers, LinkedIn is the perfect communication choice, guaranteeing the flowering of their activities. For the achievement of several objectives such as brand awareness, opinion leadership, or lead generation, LinkedIn offers a greater possibility to marketers. 

Moreover, the network has many users, with about 19 million subscribers in India, facilitating contact with a target of prospects. It is now considered ”the place to be” for B2B in India and everywhere else. We present the social network and its natural place in the viewfinder of the modern marketer.

LinkedIn, In The Era Of Digital Marketing

Using statistical analysis, LinkedIn will become companies’ number one communication channel by 2021. Indeed, eMarketer predicts that more than half of companies will use LinkedIn in their marketing strategy by 2021. Even better, estimates indicate that the network will be used much more to increase the visibility of a brand or product. 

In other words, digital advertising will now rhyme with LinkedIn. Nevertheless, this forecast is not surprising since nearly half of the large companies already use this platform for marketing. It will be enough for small businesses to get involved for the trend to be downright generalized. 

Indeed, what makes the strength of the network and which also places it as the leader in its category ahead of Facebook is its virality. Compared to Facebook, having too large an audience to gain visibility on LinkedIn is optional. And this is mainly to the advantage of companies that need to promote their products and services.

LinkedIn: Leader In B2B Communication

Beyond virality, there are many other benefits of the LinkedIn network. For example, we can cite B2B communication, which is much more popular there. As a result, the strategies that are developed there are more oriented toward professionals than toward individuals. Better, the designers have been working since the beginning of the adventure to offer users features that will allow them to reach a broader target.

For example, for audience targeting, the network considers the following details: job title, education, and industry. Investing in B2B communication on LinkedIn is one of the most certain alternatives for companies that opt ​​for natural visibility. The network far exceeds Facebook and Twitter on this point.

LinkedIn: Also Committed To B2C Communication

On the other hand, LinkedIn is also a platform that can be used for B2C communication. Moreover, we find there today several contents intended for individuals. This development of the B2C strategy is therefore growing on the network, and the forecasts also announce a more significant evolution for the years to come. LinkedIn still needs to catch up to saturation. And this is what makes the number of its users continue to grow.

However, it should be noted that despite everything, the number of B2C content still needs to reach that of B2B content on the network. As an advantage, LinkedIn adapts much more to publishing long-form content. Which is unusual on Facebook, for example. Similarly, LinkedIn is much more suitable for posting text content (ideally, articles of 2,000 to 3,000 words) than images, photos, and videos like Facebook. As a result, the content found there is generally personal, professional, and much more practical.

LinkedIn’s Efforts To Establish Itself In The Market

If the LinkedIn platform has reached an enviable position in digital communication today, it is not the result of chance. The social network has established itself against the competition by constantly offering its users new features. This makes it easier for them to publish their content and, at the same time, guarantees that they will reach a much larger audience. 

To make your investment genuinely profitable, you have to opt for a regular publication of content (ideally 1 per day). It is also necessary to prioritize more content of a specific size (2,000 to 3,000 words) for virality. Finally, the user must specify the sector of activity in which the offer is located. As new, LinkedIn is also working to maintain its leading position in the market. The platform has integrated new functionalities, and its interface has even been changed.

A New Interface For LinkedIn

The change in the interface of the application is a reform to be attributed to Microsoft’s takeover of the company. This change has been effective since September 2019 and is in line with the development of its advertising tool. As a result, the platform is now similar to Facebook to give advertisers more possibilities concerning their marketing strategies. The latter now have the choice between the following objectives: notoriety, conversion, or consideration.

New Features For LinkedIn

The integration of the Stories format at LinkedIn aims to comply with the current trend on social networks. The Stories format first started with Snapchat and then spread to other platforms. We can cite in the lot, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook. LinkedIn has also adopted the format, as soon as it has received an excellent reception from Internet users since 2018, a year of experimentation in American universities.

Far from being a simple entertainment tool, LinkedIn is making its Stories format a major professional asset. It allows you to publish and share important moments during professional events with a target of prospects. Recently, a new advertising format was launched:  Conversation Ads. It aims to make conversations in social network messaging more qualitative and personalized.

This LinkedIn Ads format offers added value to targeted prospects. This can be downloading a white paper, for example, or registering for a webinar. This new form of advertising is based on Messages Ads, formerly Sponsored InMail.  Added to this is the possibility of integrating CTAs and Lead Gen forms that will allow you to increase your notoriety and generate leads more efficiently.

Since Conversations Ads are an interactive format, your target audience will be more engaged. Thanks to the development of its platform, LinkedIn is succeeding in attracting ever more users and, therefore, companies. The interest in deploying a LinkedIn Ads strategy is increasingly legitimate. Know that our Social Media consultants can support you in this strategy, contact them!

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