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Cybercrime & Defense: Properly Protect Digital Business Processes

Cybercrime: Cyber-attacks have regularly been a major topic in the media in recent years. At the same time, the relevance of digitizing, business processes is increasing continuously. Digital possibilities, especially the internet, are playing an increasingly central role in more and more areas of life.

One consequence of this: whether B2C or B2B, whether in the sale of goods or services, whether SMEs or large corporations – customers now expect to be able to carry out many typical business processes digitally. Anyone who does not offer the right solutions will quickly fall behind the competition.

With this, and also with the steadily growing requirements that, among other things, Industry 4.0, legal innovations, or the shortage of skilled workers bring, extended internal tasks are associated in many places, which can hardly be done by hand.

Those who digitize remain fit for the future but at the same time have to deal more and more with cybercrime & defense!

Cybercrime: Advantages Of A Digital Procurement Process

The advantages of digital processes are manifold and cannot be ignored by any company today simply because of the developments mentioned above. The key is to benefit from the following factors.

  • Optimization of work processes: Ideally, digital processes mean an enormous increase in inefficiency.
  • Efficient personnel use: Thanks to digital processes, fewer employees can do more tasks more effectively.
  • Automation of the routine: The automation of recurring tasks saves massive resources. There is more time for strategic development.
  • Transparency and legal certainty: Digital technology can independently ensure that users: take into account legally relevant aspects and document important processes transparently.
  • Faster work processes with increasing sales: Digital processes are faster than manual ones, which means more tasks can be completed in less time, and thus sales increase.
  • More reach: Digitization opens up new markets and business areas.

What Is Cybercrime?

The term “cybercrime” encompasses various possible dangers concerning digital processes. It is primarily about those risks that are criminal.

These include, for example, targeted hacker attacks, IT sabotage, or (internal) blackmail. The acts are usually based on economic interest. Organized hackers, for example, sell trade secrets or are even supposed to harm companies on behalf of a third party.

Security Software Alone Is Not Enough

The times when you only needed a firewall and a simple antivirus program for secure digital business processes are long gone. Today, cybercriminals react to such security measures with clever tricks and high-tech attack systems.

For example, resourceful phishing emails can nullify standard security precautions and lead to employees voluntarily granting access to internal systems, documents, data, etc. Or, with the help of algorithms, different character combinations are tried out in extremely rapid succession to find out the login data.

These and other modern cybercrime approaches can only be largely ruled out with a holistic technical and, last but not least, personnel approach.

In addition to the use of specialized security technology, digital processes of all kinds must be observed and questioned very carefully. Raising awareness across the team is a very effective step towards cybersecurity.

The way there begins accordingly with the creation of secure passwords, the use of modern WLAN encryption, the implementation of upcoming updates of all software and hardware, the correct setting of social media channels, the motivation to maintain secrecy, and the conscious handling or use. They are raising awareness of critical data

This Is How You Protect Yourself Against Cybercrime

Traditional security concepts usually do not have the big picture in mind and – even if they are designed more extensively – only form a compilation of partial tactical solutions that can hardly be optimally coordinated.

Under today’s conditions, this not only offers completely inadequate protection but often even leads to additional security gaps. The latter result, among other things, is when the many components are not regularly serviced, and thus themselves can form points of attack.

With Bechtel Security as your partner, on the other hand, you benefit from a holistic, stacked solution concept that takes into account all the factors of a modern end-to-end security architecture – including an advantageous infrastructure and comprehensive employee awareness.

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