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CRM Software For SMEs: The Five Best Solutions Of 2022

Knowing how to manage your customers best is essential to ensure the success of a small or medium-sized business. As with large companies, it is also necessary for SMEs to have CRM software.

In this article, let’s see the most functional CRM software choices for SMEs in 2021. So let’s dedicate ourselves to comparing the best CRM programs for small and medium-sized businesses!


Until this point, the economy expects, as well as huge organizations, additionally little and medium-sized organizations, to outfit themselves with answers to keep up with and increment their seriousness in an undeniably global and dynamic market.

In such a specific situation, CRM programming for SMEs, i.e., for organizations with less than 50 workers, can be an essential device for staying aware of the times and confronting the difficulties presented by the market. CRM programming for SMEs permits you to mechanize and enhance the administration of contacts and data connecting with clients and to screen, along these lines, cooperation with clients.

The Benefits Of CRM Software For SMEs

Little and medium-sized organizations can benefit exceptionally from Client Relationship executive Care Programming. A decent CRM can ease the client relationship and executive interaction, lessening the time spent gathering, sorting out, recording, and overseeing data. The information gathered and organized by the CRM is planned inside the framework and is returned for meeting and use in the briefest possible time.

This arrangement of administrations makes it conceivable to foster offers and items that progressively fit clients’ necessities and prerequisites. Promoting methodologies can be recalibrated given the data obtained, and the whole deals channel can be carried out, guaranteeing a predictable improvement in organization execution.

Advantages Of CRM Software For PMI Specifically

In particular, the main advantages of a CRM for SMEs are:

  1. Reduction of the time dedicated to the retrieval and collection of information by the teams: all data is recorded in a single system that remains accessible immediately and in real-time to all operators.
  2. Automation of activities: thanks to the contribution of the CRM software, which will autonomously intervene in the performance of specific routine tasks, the workload of the project teams and sales teams will be significantly reduced, and the processes will be speeded up. For example, the system manages certain sales and after-sales appointments automatically.
  3. Removal of any factors determining failures, such as errors related to forgetfulness or inadequate or insufficient tools (this applies to paper tools such as diaries or notes).
  4. Maintaining the correct pace of work without forgetting anything: thanks to the automatic notification system, it will be possible to remember appointments and deadlines without running into dangerous oversights.
  5. Optimization of marketing strategies and campaigns: these can be developed according to specific target customers by integrating CRM systems with Marketing Automation tools.
  6. Increase customer loyalty by implementing targeted offers or communication activities adapted to the specific situation, customized for the entire sales process.

The 5 Best SMB CRM Software Of 2021 Cloud-Based CRM

CRM in Cloud is a Team System Software designed for SMEs.


Moving on to the actual features of this tool, let’s see some that can be game-changing:

  1. Lead generation: management of opportunities in order not to lose control over every possible commercial opportunity;
  2. Social management: automation not only of the publication of posts but also the management of moderation to improve customer engagement;
  3. Marketing campaign: all the best marketing automation technologies at your disposal;
  4. Churn management: management of the churn rate and increase of the customer life cycle;
  5. Sales automation: processes and information all organized to lead you to victory effortlessly;
  6. Geo marketing: geotargeting functions to improve the quality of the content offered to your customers;

Customer Loyalty: Customer-Focused Marketing Will Lead To More Stable And Happy Relationships


It is an Extended Customer Relationship Management platform that can be easily integrated with classic management software but not only that, it offers a 360° CRM experience also with the main applications such as Outlook, Google, and Apple.

Like all Team system solutions, it is modular and can be integrated with other software house packages. The goal of the software? More revenues, less cost, and improve the consumer experience.

Thanks to this CRM application, you will have 360˚ control over managing commercial relationships and marketing campaigns. As often happens with the products of this software house, to get an idea of ​​the prices, it is better to contact the company directly. However, it remains possible to request a demo version.


1CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software that allows companies to manage all sales operations and have better customer service.


  1. Monitor sales pipelines
  2. Integration of customer data into the accounting system
  3. Customizable dashboard
  4. Visibility of the history of each customer
  5. Group online sales and sales made by the commercial department
  6. Share the latest news with customers.

It contains other integrations such as ZOOM, GMAIL, Google Maps, Outlook, PayPal, and Dropbox.


  1. Simple enough for any team to use
  2. QuickBooks Finance allows companies to get a complete view of their financial situation
  3. The monthly cost is mainly based on the goals and the number of accounts


Monday.com is an all-in-one platform easily scalable for an SME and allows a 360 view. Founded in 2012, it now has more than 80,000 corporate clients.


  1. It allows you to save all data in one software.
  2. Monday integrates with other software, including Google G Suite/Gmail, Microsoft Office/Outlook, and Slack.
  3. Choose between three subscriptions depending on the needs of the company.


  1. Simply usable and suitable for any company, even SMEs.
  2. It offers CRM, sales automation, and email marketing features
  3. Task management
  4. Visibility of the customer journey from the sales pitch to the final sale
  5. Ability to connect from anywhere
  6. Marketing operations managed in a single software
  7. Customer loyalty
  8. Data secured in compliance with ISO / IEC 27001 and ISO / IEC 27018 standards
  9. Monday.com is the perfect software for companies that want to optimize their time and increase sales and turnover.


Nuthall is an all-in-one platform that helps sales and marketing teams work together to close more deals successfully. Founded in 2009, Nutshell works with thousands of small businesses and has been named a top CRM for ease of use and affordability.


Nutshell integrates with software small businesses already use, including Google G Suite/Gmail, Microsoft Office/Outlook, QuickBooks Online, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Intercom, and Slack. Every Nutshell subscription includes the following:

  1. Unlimited contact data and storage.
  2. Customer support is performed by real humans (not robots).
  3. Fully customizable reporting tools.


  1. Simple enough for any team, yet sophisticated enough to fit any business.
  2. Provides unlimited data and contact storage as well as world-class live support.
  3. Offers CRM, sales automation, and email marketing features.

Nutshell works because it inspires your team to use it, maximizes the time they spend selling, and helps you close more deals and grow revenue.

Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell is sales force automation software to increase productivity and improve processes and pipeline visibility for sales teams.


  1. Contact and account management;
  2. Opportunity and pipeline management;
  3. Management of tasks and activities;
  4. Territory and quota management Desktop integration;
  5. Management of customer contracts;
  6. Email Marketing;
  7. Lead Management;
  8. Customer Support.


Older sales management tools are often clunky and difficult to use, but Zendesk Sell is simple and designed to make it easy for users to take advantage of. Sell ​​eliminates the friction from transaction and updates so that users and management can always access, analyze and collaborate on relevant transaction data.

The right CRM for SMEs To Grow The Business: From Start-Up To Successful Enterprise

CRM software allows small and medium-sized businesses to streamline business processes by eliminating critical factors and downtime and delegating useless activities. CRM software for SMEs allows small and medium-sized enterprises to increase their competitiveness by improving their customers and optimally coordinating a few resources.

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