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Android Tip: 5 Secret Codes You Need To Know

Did you know? Android is full of hidden features. While tech buffs and fans of Google’s mobile operating system know many of its secrets, many users still don’t. We have listed secret codes enabling you to activate five hidden features in a snap. There was a time when our needs were limited to three essential things: having a roof, food, and clothing. Today, our smartphones have become almost indispensable to us. 

For entertainment, ordering food, checking the news, or simply communicating with loved ones, we now use our phones daily to do more and more things, and we think we know all about their secrets. However, if you have a mobile running Android, some tips can make your life easier that you may not have known existed. Did you know, for example, that a variety of secret codes can perform very specific actions when you dial them? Here are five combinations that will give you useful hidden features.

Secret Codes That Unlock Hidden Features In Android

Your smartphone has not yet revealed all its secrets. You can trigger specific actions or reveal hidden menus by dialing certain codes of numbers and special characters. Want to learn some of these tips? Here is a selection of codes to type in the Phone application that will save you time when you want to accomplish complicated tasks with your Android mobile.

How To View Battery Status Information Of An Android Smartphone

Your smartphone shows signs of weakness and seems to charge properly no longer. In a few seconds, it is possible to know in what state the battery is and thus to find out whether you should consider changing it or not. Simply type *#0228# in the Phone app, and a menu titled BatteryStatus will immediately appear on the screen, telling you if your battery is good.

View The IMEI Of An Android Smartphone

Every cell phone has a unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number that reliably identifies it, much like fingerprints or DNA are used for a human being. This number can be tedious to find, Independent of the SIM card and made up of 15 digits.

However, in the event of theft or loss of your device, it is essential to communicate it to your operator, and the latter can immediately take care of listing your smartphone on a blocklist and rendering it unusable, regardless of the SIM card. Who is using it? Simply open the Phone application of your Android mobile and dial the code *#06# so that your IMEI code is automatically displayed on the screen.

Hide Your Phone Number During A Call

We may feel the need to call someone without revealing our contact details. But when you go to the settings of your smartphone and activate the masking of the number, you sometimes forget to deactivate it. Fortunately, there is a code that allows you to make a call anonymously. Open the Phone app, type the code #31#, and press the call button. With this trick, you leave anonymity as soon as your call ends.

Instantly Copy Content From The SD Card

Do you have several SD cards, and are you afraid of losing content stored in the memory of one of them? Please insert it into your mobile, then type the code *#*#273283*255*663282*#*#* to make a copy of the data from the SD card to your smartphone’s internal memory.

Factory Reset Android Smartphone Without Losing Data

If your Android smartphone takes a long time to open apps or apps often stop working unexpectedly, a factory reset might help. But if you are afraid that this process will make you lose your data, do not panic: it is possible to reboot your mobile without its memory being emptied. Dial the code *2767*2878# for your phone to automatically perform a custom reset, i.e., resetting its main functions without deleting the stored files.

With these five codes, you have just discovered some secrets of the technicians in charge of diagnosing or repairing the smartphones brought to the service centers. Above all, do not try to invent or type them randomly because we have only revealed a tiny part of these hidden combinations here – the most accessible for everyone – and you could damage your device if you risk it.

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