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Android 14: What Does The Next Version Of Google’s OS Have?

The next version of Google’s famous mobile operating system, Android 14, will be available later this year, and it’s already making a lot of noise on the Web. What new operating system features will there be, and when will this big update be rolled out? Which smartphones will be compatible? SFR Actus answers you.

Since the release of Android 13 in 2022, Google fans have been waiting for only one thing: to find out what new delights Android 14 will have in store for them. The next update to the Mountain View giant’s operating system is gradually being revealed. Small, and while it’s unlikely to be a big overhaul comparable to what Android 12 brought, many improvements and new things are still to be expected. Find out what Android 14 has in store for us.

Android 14: When Will Google’s New OS Be Available?

Android releases come out fairly regularly, and Android 14 should be no exception. After unveiling its beta in April, the Mountain View company gave a new, albeit stealthy, preview on May 10 at its major Google I/0 conference. In theory, it is then in the fall that the stable version’s deployment should occur, first on the next Google Pixel, then gradually on smartphones from competing brands running under the same operating system.

Which Smartphones Will Be Compatible With Android 14?

The next Android update will be compatible with the most recent devices branded by Google, Samsung, Xiaomi, or OPPO. We still have to wait before having the complete list. In that case, we already know the names of about fifteen smartphones that will be guaranteed to be compatible with Android 14, these being indeed eligible for its beta version, as we say Frandroid :

  1. Google Pixel 7a
  2. Google Pixel 7 & 7 Pro
  3. Google Pixel 6a
  4. Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro
  5. Google Pixel 5a (5G)
  6. Google Pixel 5
  7. Google Pixel 4a (5G)
  8. Xiaomi 13 & 13 Pro
  9. Xiaomi 12T
  10. Oppo Find N2 Flip
  11. vivo X90 Pro
  12. Nothing Phone 1
  13. OnePlus 11
  14. Realme GT2 Pro

What New Features Does Android 14 Offer?

No need to wait for the official release of the final version of Android 14 to get a glimpse of the new features that this new version of the OS will offer. Thanks to the beta and its (brief) presentation at Google I/O, a lot of information is circulating on the Web about the planned optimizations and new features that we will soon enjoy. 

The Arrival Of Emergency Calls By Satellite 

Until now, reserved for the latest Apple smartphones, the possibility of making emergency calls by satellite should be part of the new features authorized by Android 14. It remains to be seen which phones will be compatible.

How To Better Manage Your Autonomy

With Android 14, managing your smartphone’s autonomy should be easier, with slight improvements to the battery setting interface and more functions related to saving weak batteries.

The Possibility Of Using Your Smartphone As A Webcam

Mishaal Rahman, a specialized journalist and developer, dissected the code of Android 14 and discovered that Google would consider allowing users of smartphones using its OS to connect them to their computers to use them as webcams, as 9To5Google reports.

The Volume Control Will Be More Advanced

The Nextpit site reports that the version of Android 14 reserved for developers allows you to configure the volume of ringtones signaling calls and notifications separately. New gesture to better handle swiping: Android 14 is expected to include support for a gesture allowing you to preview the previous screen before choosing whether or not to swipe back to it. A way to better control what you want to display and avoid returning to a screen that you did not want to see again.

Font Customization And Preferred Default Language

Google is reportedly planning to increase the maximum level of font magnification using non-distorting, non-linear scaling. Originally set at 130%, this setting would now allow fonts to increase in size by up to 200%, producing more readable text that could greatly help the visually impaired and elderly.

A New Video Codec

According to Phonandroid, Google would like to encourage smartphone manufacturers to adopt the AV1 video codec by integrating it into Android 14. Based on superior compression technology, it would save bandwidth by producing files less heavy without losing quality. Put an end to insistent notifications: Sometimes, there are notifications that you can’t dismiss. Thanks to Android 14, dismissing persistent icons, apps, and notifications should be easier by simply swiping your finger across the screen.

Better Protection Against Malicious Apps

 Android 14 should block the installation of outdated apps that target older versions of Android. A way to prevent malicious applications from reaching our smartphones. Permissions management will be improved: Similar to what has been done for some time on the iPhone, Google should allow Android users to choose between three options when an application requests permission to access photos and videos contained in the smartphone’s memory: “Allow access to all photos”, “Select photos” and “Do not allow”.

Find Your Android Smartphone Even When It Is Off 

The information was shared by leaker Kuba Wojciechowski before being relayed by the specialized site Tom’s Guide. According to him, Google’s mobile operating system will be enriched with a feature called “Pixel Power-off Finder”, which should apply only to future smartphone models, starting a priori with the next Google Pixel 8. As its name suggests, this would allow you to find your device via Bluetooth, even when switched off.

The Arrival Of A Wallpaper Creator 

The most creative users will be delighted to learn that Android 14 could offer Emoji Lab, an application in which it would be possible to create your wallpaper. The ability to customize your lock screen: In line with the wallpaper creator and inspired by iOS, the first beta of Android 14 indicates that it will be possible to customize your lock screen, particularly by changing the appearance of widgets like a clock. It will also be possible to change the color and size of the widgets present.

The Arrival Of Ultra HDR In Google Photos 

Under Android 14, the application will support this display format offering better image quality, both more realistic and impactful, with more vivid colors and higher contrasts.

Video Capture Redesign

Android 14 will also greatly improve screen video recording. Although the system records the entire screen and all applications by default, selecting a specific application to perform the video recording will now be possible. This feature will be very practical since it will allow, in addition to having a more precise video capture, to no longer have notifications from other applications. Undoubtedly, over the next few weeks, we will have more details on all the new features that Google has slipped into its new mobile OS. You can count on SFR Actus to inform you once more information is revealed on Android 14.

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