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ABM, A Powerful Strategy For Business Growth

For a long time, marketing and sales were all about convincing customers to buy a product or solution. To do this, they used all the available techniques to get as many prospects as possible. A process that therefore consists in investing a lot of money to please a majority, without any guarantee of success…  What if the most profitable solution was to convince those most likely to be confident and invest mainly in their intent? The ABM strategy, account-based marketing, aims to address only the targets you want to count on among your customers—an effective lever to develop your business.

Is The ABM Strategy Relevant To My Business?

ABM has long been used by large companies, which have, a priori, more opportunities to invest in critical accounts. But contrary to what one might think, ABM suits companies of all sizes! If the large groups first took hold of ABM strategies, they had dedicated teams, an adequate budget, and, above all. After all, the tools existing at the time were not as efficient as today. Today. 

The teams even had to identify their critical accounts without solid cross-information manually, that is! Today, any structure has every interest in embarking on an ABM strategy on its scale, with practical tools that do not require a person or a team. Even SMEs or associations! Personalization on key accounts is now within the reach of all structures, regardless of their stage of maturity.

The Issues Addressed By ABM

While the ABM strategy is suitable for all companies, it responds more specifically to specific issues related to operational and financial criteria and even your reputation: 

  1. You want to address a business vertical and personalize your marketing.
  2. You want to develop your turnover on critical accounts,  already customers or not.
  3. You want to attract referrals to appear in your client cases and on your site to increase your reputation.
  4. You want to provide a  relevant response to long sales cycles  (sometimes one year between the first contact and the signature), which require contacting many interlocutors before concluding the market.
  5. The amount of your deals is significant.
  6. You are in a  niche market.
  7. The complementarity and variety of your services and products presuppose the ability to up-sell and cross-sell.

The Top 5 Key Benefits Of ABM

In addition to being a determining strategy for the growth of the company, when it meets the criteria mentioned above, ABM also offers five priority benefits which, on its own, positively change the operational process by the ricochet effect. 

Measurable ROI

The return on investment is the first criterion for choosing a successful marketing and sales solution. In this,  ABM concentrates its efforts on a limited number of indicators (number of accounts engaged, number of opportunities created, turnover generated, cost per lead, etc.) like its limited number of critical reports. The results are thus easier to measure, visible on each invoice, and simultaneously less expensive.

A More Targeted And Effective Strategy

Marketing and sales involve addressing targets. With ABM, this target corresponds above all to financial criteria. Accounts with high turnover potential are preferred, establishing a more efficient approach. 

A More Personalized Approach

ABM is also a marketing technique of hyper-personalization to better understand the customer’s habits, anticipate their needs, and thus, once again, gain efficiency. 

Better Buyer Experience

Hyper-personalization automatically leads to a better buyer experience. Better considered, he is more likely to buy and remain loyal to the company.

Better Marketing And Sales Collaboration

The arrangement is uniting your groups around comparative objectives. With ABM, a joint effort among promoting and deals become regular. Since everything revolves around zeroing in on critical records, you should consolidate the advantages of sales and advertising. Hardships these divisions might encounter consistently can track down a fantastic chance to share their data to utilize the whole organization.

Deduced? If you need to foster turnover by marking contracts with essential records, ABM is for you! If this procedure requires a venture toward the beginning, particularly as far as time and memory to carry out, the outcomes will essentially be there. Consequently, 97% of advertisers pronounce recording a preferable return for money invested with ABM over some other showcasing drive (Alterra Gathering). 

From distinguishing your objectives to planning customized crusades, through the execution of devices, Webconversion goes with you through your ABM processes. Approaching a particular organization will permit you to get everything rolling rapidly and benefit from the consequences of ABM a lot quicker than by going solo!

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