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8 Customer Management Software To Drive The ROI Of Your Sales

Customer relationship management has become one of the main concerns: a new prospect to be converted into a customer costs much more than a satisfied and loyal customer. Whether you are self-employed, a VSE, an SME, or a large group, and whatever your activity, using CRM software is essential.

Many solutions exist to assist you in your commercial management and the follow-up of your customers, but how to choose the one that will suit your activity? To guide you, we have compared several customer relationship tools, paid and free, that will help you gain efficiency and increase your profits.

What Does A Customer Relationship Management Solution Do? 

The Importance Of A CRM

A CRM encompasses all aspects of the customer relationship and therefore plays a specific role in your sales process, whether upstream (prospecting phase), during the sale, or downstream (customer support). 

It allows a company to optimize the management of its contacts to manage its commercial activity and build customer loyalty efficiently.  The objective is simple: to develop its turnover by improving its knowledge of its customers and offering them the best possible quality of service.

The Benefits Of A CRM

Using a CRM improves customer service performance by 72%, increases customer satisfaction by 66% (Technews World), and can generate a significant ROI greater than 100% (Harvard Business Review). Customer relationship management software makes you more responsive, productive, and commercially efficient by:

  1. the centralization of customer and prospect information and exchanges,
  2. identification and generation of business opportunities,
  3. automation of business tasks and actions,
  4. real-time analysis and management of your activity in a global way.

Free customer management software

Basic CRM, The Essential Online CRM For VSEs

Basic CRM is a “lite” version dedicated to small structures of SugarCRM, the market leader.  As its name suggests, the Basic CRM offer includes the basic CRM functionalities, namely:

  1. the centralization and sharing of customer details, 
  2. trading history,
  3. task management.

The Basic CRM service is 100% free for up to 5 users for one year. Then, it’s up to you to continue the subscription and increase your number of users if necessary. 

For Who? Small Businesses And Freelancers 

Best known for its marketing and sales software, HubSpot offers a simplified business management tool. HubSpot CRM features are basic but meet essential needs such as:

  1. management of customer and prospect information,
  2. automatic recording of interactions, 
  3. a clear view of the sales pipeline.

Completely free, with no time limit, and accessible to an unlimited number of users, it is possible to complete this CRM with the HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot Sales tools.

For Who? SMBs Using Or Planning To Use HubSpot’s Full Suite Of Software 

The Limits Of A Free CRM

The term “free” can often be misleading: free software never really is!

Restricted Use

Most of the time, only the software test is free and, therefore, limited in time. And when the user is not limited to 15 or 30 days… it is specified in the number of users, registered contacts, uploaded documents, etc. 

Optional Features And Services

The so-called “free” customer relationship management tools offer essential but scalable functions to adapt to more advanced CRM projects. You do not pay for the software strictly speaking, but you will have to pay to access additional, more specific, and more complete features. Ditto if you wish to benefit from hosting, configuration, assistance, and technical support services. We then speak of freemium solutions: the free version is limited, and the more advanced version is paid for!

Focus On Six Professional CRM Software

A free CRM? Why not if you are a VSE and your needs are limited? But a free CRM will not be enough if your business is substantial!  If this is your case, here is our selection of pro tools (in alphabetical order):

Buzzer CRM For All BtoC And BtoB Professionals

Price: from €29.90 per user/month, free trial for 30 days  Buzzer CRM is a solution that could not be more complete! This online CRM adapts to the uses of all employees involved in customer relationship management: 

  1. salespeople have tools for prospecting, managing contacts, and monitoring sales,
  2. managers can visualize data in real-time and make informed decisions,
  3. marketers have multi-channel marketing tools. 

Advantages of Buzzee CRM:

  1. 100% of needs covered for effective follow-up of customer relations by all,
  2. a refined presentation for simple and intuitive use,
  3. free training for one month to support you in your first steps.

Cirrus Shield, The Tailor-Made Solution For Demanding Companies

Price: from €15/month/user Cirrus Shield is an innovative software built in bricks, à la carte, to resemble its users. Companies have the choice between its many turnkey modules, including:

  1. the management of marketing campaigns integrated with an emailing tool,
  2. commercial prospecting and management of business opportunities,
  3. preparation of quotes and invoices,
  4. automatically generated reports and dashboards, etc.

Benefits of Cirrus Shield:

  1. fully configurable with business applications to manage the different activities of your company,
  2. turnkey modules by sector of activity and prebuilt to adapt to your specific requests,
  3. native connectors with external applications (social networks, online payment, etc.),
  4. A very sophisticated reporting tool.

Clic CRM, The Innovative India CRM With Intelligent Features

Price: from €29 per user/month, free trial for 15 days Click CRM is a business management solution designed to save you time! Customizable to your image, this CRM integrates intelligent search tools to allow you to find the correct information quickly. This tool is particularly suitable for Google Suite users who can synchronize their Gmail mailboxes and appointments from their Google Calendar.

Advantages of Click CRM:

  1. synchronized with the Google Suite environment for maximum time saving,
  2. complete customization of the interface for intuitive and pleasant use,
  3. Collaborative features that promote teamwork.

Eudonet CRM, For Each Business A Suitable Solution

Price: from €25/month for two users Whether your structure is private or public, whether you have only a few employees or thousands, this modular CRM will be able to respond precisely to your specific needs and challenges. 100% connected, Eudonet CRM allows you to centralize and collaboratively use all the data from your business tools, website, ERP, etc.

Advantages of Eudonet CRM:

  1. business solutions for tailor-made functional coverage,
  2. The know-how and experience of the teams specialized in each field of activity, 
  3. A host of extensions for those who want to customize their user experience further.

Team leader, the complete solution for managing your business

Price: €25/month for two users, then €10/month for each additional user, free trial for 14 days. Thanks to its collaborative management tools, Team leader makes it easier to run your business and helps you work better as a team daily.

In addition to its CRM module, which covers all the essential customer follow-up needs, you can activate additional functions: invoicing, project management, and customer support. Particularly appreciated for its modern interface and collaborative features, Team Leader is easy and quick to learn.

Benefits of Team leader:

  1. a tailor-made tool adaptable to your needs (modules to choose from) and the number of users,
  2. an ergonomic interface for simple and intuitive use,
  3. Features that encourage collaboration and improve team productivity.

Yellow Box CRM, The Simple And Scalable Solution Dedicated To SMEs

Price: from €39 per user/month Yellow Box CRM is a resolutely flexible, intuitive, and complete solution! Highly customizable, this application comes with all the features needed to manage, develop and optimize your customer relationship. Depending on your needs, you must activate or deactivate the modules you want to use without additional costs or complex developments.

Advantages of Yellow Box CRM:

  1. a complete and configurable standard functional scope in total autonomy without technical skills, 
  2. deployment in 48 hours and easy handling for a quick start,
  3. A range of simple and collaborative tools to improve productivity: collaborative messaging and diary, assisted research, dictation of reports, etc.

Our Final Tips For Choosing Your Customer Relationship Management Solution

Before choosing the software that will accompany you, it is essential to define, prioritize and anticipate your needs. To do this, ask yourself the right questions:

  1. What is your business strategy?
  2. Does your activity have specificities? 
  3. Who will be your end users, and how many are there?
  4. What processes do you want to automate? 
  5. Which tools do you already use, and which ones do you want to connect to the CRM?
  6. What are features essential to your productivity? 
  7. What indicators do you want to monitor?
  8. What are your mobility needs? Do your sales reps need access to a smartphone or tablet version of the CRM?
  9. How will your business evolve?
  10. What is your budget?

Most CRM publishers offer a free trial version; take the opportunity to test and have your teams test the chosen solution! The opportunity to appreciate for yourself its ease of handling or even the ergonomics of its interface.

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