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5 Tips For Hosting Your Online Shop

Every online shop needs it: the technical basis on which the website is located. But this is less about having any hosting. Instead, it is about using one tailored to the online shop’s requirements. This article gives you five tips that should help you as an online shop operator with your choice and design of your hosting package.

The right hosting is essential for an online shop. If it doesn’t work or there are other problems, it hurts the entire website. Delivery bottlenecks for individual products or negative customer ratings can be less of a problem than an unstable website.

Therefore, the topic should be present – regardless of whether it is the fundamental choice of the host or ongoing optimizations.

Online Shop: Find A Holster That Fits Your Shop System

There are many hosts on the market now. In addition, there is the challenge that providers  and hosters worldwide come into question. Your used or selected shop system is a filter that can help to thin out the amount.

For example, some hosts have a lot of experience and valuable tools for Shopware. Other hosting providers maintain Magento, others WooCommerce. A closer look at the website or a phone call with support can show you which system the respective host is running.

Safety Is Paramount

Various security incidents will undoubtedly make you, as the online shop operator, aware of how important you should be to protect the website. So pay attention to whether hosters offer security tools, for example, or what options you have concerning regular backups. The hoster Mittwald, for instance, provides staging environments in which you can safely test new features or other things.

When it comes to security, there are also functions such as encrypted transmissions, good rights management in the administrative environment of the hosting package, and current PHP and MySQL versions. Finally, if the hoster offers automatic updates for content management or shop systems, they should provide recent versions promptly.

Of course, security does not only come from the hoster. You, too, should pay attention to a good password choice and its regular update. It is also important not to make decisions about security and maintenance updates for the shop system on the back burner. You should also use more secure data transfer methods.

Find Hosting For The Next Five eYars

A prime example of how hosting was constantly being expanded and further developed: WordPress provided more than five updates in 2019. From this, you can see how important it is for you as a shop operator that hosters do not stop at a good point but constantly reach out for progress and innovation.

How can you find out whether your chosen hoster is future-proof? Please look at his communication channels: Social media, blog, or newsletter serve as a mouthpiece. Where is the hoster willing to develop? Where does he seem to be introducing functions very late? What are public inquiries or complaints from customers about?

If you do not want to move your online shop to another hoster regularly, you should take the time to examine all hosters in advance carefully. The test question can help here: “Would I like to work with this hoster in the next five years?”

Good Workflows For Smooth Work

“How old is the last backup?” – a sentence that you don’t like to hear. But there are technical tasks related to an online shop that can be automated very well. This includes backups. Other topics like updates can also be brought into good workflows.

There are two ways of doing this. Either you rely on proven extensions for the selected software or look for tools and services that a hoster makes available to you. Mittwald offers the so-called shop tools in shop hosting. These allow you, among other things, to use ready-made templates or to install updates with a click.

“Those Who Buy Cheap …”

Buy at least twice. Buying cheap can be good, but it doesn’t have to be. What is annoying with a broom or desk chair becomes critical with hosting.

Because unlike the chair, which can be exchanged occasionally, problems relating to hosting often cannot be dealt with “just.” Competent support that can be reached quickly is required. Well-thought-out technology is also essential to keep the website working reliably over the long term.

In other words: what you would lose in income if your online shop is not available for even a few hours or if it performs poorly can be more than the annual savings potential from a cheap hoster.

Good hosting for the online shop is not something to be taken lightly. You should take your time and choose and design the technical basics well. Because then you will enjoy high availability, create a good customer experience and sleep a little more safely. It’s worth the effort.

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