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The Best Windows Offers: Where To Find Them

Guide to choosing the best Windows offers: where to find and how to buy at the lowest price with the guarantee of not running into any problems during and after product activation. Businesses, professionals and home users often look for competitively priced Windows licenses. The Microsoft operating system remains the most used worldwide in the desktop sector, with 75% of the market shares (source: Global stats, September 2022).

Suppose the lion’s share of the data center is Linux. In that case, many companies rely on Windows Server and Active Directory domains for the corporate network (see the data shared on Fortune Business Insights ). Finding the best Windows offers without being tied to a supplier with long-term contracts that are anything but cheap is not easy. It takes work to locate the best software deals from reputable resellers.

Buying a Windows 10 license is currently the most used operating system in the world, with 72% of the Windows market share, or a license for any other software does not simply mean buying a valid Product Key. It is good to choose resellers who can certify the origin of the Windows 10 license or any other software ensuring that it is legitimate and 100% genuine.

Today’s Must-Have Windows Deals

A fundamental point of reference for purchasing Windows licenses has become Mr Key Shop, a leading company for over 18 years in the market of software licenses at advantageous prices. By choosing one of the Windows offers on Mr Key Shop, you get a series of concrete benefits:

  1. Immediate license shipping via email
  2. Free specialized technical assistance in Italian
  3. Secure payments
  4. Clear and complete instructions for downloading, installing and activating each software purchased
  5. Save up to 70% on original products
  6. Money back guarantee

Online it is, in fact, possible to find Product Keys to activate Windows for a few pennies: those codes do not transfer any regular license to the user. Often these are stolen Product Keys or connected to volume licenses which do not grant any rights and which, on the contrary, expose you to legal risks. The Windows licenses purchased on Key Shop are all verified and come from reliable sources.

Only in this way can Mr Key Shop certify them as 100% genuine. If you have just added a new PC, a workstation, or a server to your fleet and you do not have a license available, if you have assembled your computer, or if the Windows license is about to expire, on Key Shop, it is possible to find the best Windows 11 offers as well as many purchase opportunities on all the leading operating systems and software from Microsoft as well as from other manufacturers.

The Best Windows 11 Deals

The latest operating system from Microsoft, released in early October 2021, is Windows 11. It is a system that presents several changes compared to its predecessor. On Key Shop, you can find the best offers to buy Windows 11. Windows 11 Home, Pro and Enterprise 64-bit licenses (with Windows 11, Microsoft has decided to stop distributing 32-bit releases) are available starting from just 49.99 euros in the promotion. 

The advantage is that you can also buy Pro and Enterprise edition licenses, which can be used in the company, spending up to 70% less than the list prices. The cheapest edition of the operating system is Windows 11 Home: designed for home users; it lacks some features built into Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise. While it is possible to work around this limitation, Windows 11 Home only installs with a Microsoft account and not a local account.

It also does not support virtualization with Hyper-V (although it is possible to install Hyper-V in Windows 11 Home ) and Windows Sandbox and does not allow the creation of a Remote Desktop server (you can only use the client to connect to remote servers). Also, it is only possible to protect some drives, including the system drive, with BitLocker.

In Windows 11 Home, accessing the group policy editor is also impossible. This Dynamic Provisioning function in the company allows you to configure a new PC, the Kiosk mode, automatically. There is also no support for Active Directory, SMB Direct, Persistent Memory technology, and other distinctly business features.

The most popular edition among professionals and more advanced users, even in companies, is Windows 11 Pro. With this edition of Windows 11, the operating system can be installed and used only with a local account. The system unit can also be encrypted with BitLocker (a handy thing in case you lose your PC or it is physically in the availability of unauthorized users to verify its content).

Windows 11 Pro also ensures full support for Hyper-V virtualization, Remote Desktop servers, Assigned Access or a feature that allows you to establish which activities and applications are accessible with each account set up on the machine. This edition of Windows 11 also supports Active Directory domains and all distinctly business tools.

From a practical point of view, Windows 11 Pro offers, by default, the possibility of deferring updates via Windows Update and booting from VHD/VHDX files. Finally, Windows 11 Enterprise is the edition aimed at companies. In addition to all the features of Windows 11 Pro, it allows you to use the ReFS file system and AppLocker, a mechanism for controlling which apps and files users can run.

One of the most relevant aspects of Windows 11 Enterprise is the support of security updates of every single version ( annual feature update ) for 30 months instead of 18: an excellent advantage for companies looking for stability and are less interested in adding new features. In another article, we have seen how to download Windows 11 ISO or the image of the most updated version of the operating system. 

Starting from the ISO file, you can update your system, generate bootable media for installing Windows 11 or load it into a Hyper-V, VMware, VirtualBox virtual machine and so on. The Windows 11 Download page also contains tools to upgrade to the new operating system or create installation media ( Creating Windows 11 Installation Media or Media Creation Tool ).

In general, what’s new in Windows 11 ranges from the interface to the lowest-level software components. In terms of design, first of all, Microsoft introduced in Windows 11 the evolution of that Fluent Design that never really took off with Windows 10: Mica, for example, is an element that allows you to apply solid colors to the background of different applications and windows; even the older programs seem much more integrated with the interface and the general look of Windows 11. 

The windows have rounded edges, and generally, the user experience appears consistent and pleasant. Windows 11 places icons centrally in the taskbar, offers a new Start menu that abandons the “tiles” or tiles, snaps layouts to arrange open windows side by side on the screen in an orderly manner, and better management of virtual desktops. Windows 11 is also much better at improving the usability of tablets and convertibles by automatically detecting usage patterns and adjusting the interface design. 

Other innovations in this field are currently in the pipeline: think, for example, of the compact taskbar. On the application side, in addition to a series of wholly renewed system programs compared to Windows 10 (think of the close integration with Teams, the new Media player, the Photos app, Mail, the Clipchamp video editor,…), the new system offers a redesigned Microsoft Store that contains new applications, for example, which also hosts Win32 programs and which opens to third-party stores. 

In this regard, through the Microsoft Store, you can install the Amazon AppStore, the gateway to installing and running Android apps in Windows 11. On the security side, one of the most important innovations is the support for the TPM 2.0 chip, which allows confidential information to be stored in hardware rather than on the software side, such as cryptographic keys (an essential aspect for adequately protecting units whose content is encrypted with BitLocker ).

The best Windows 10 Deals

As noted in the introduction, Windows 10 is the most used Microsoft operating system ever. After the progressive abandonment of Windows 7, since extended support ended in January 2020, Windows 10 has become the reference point for most Indian companies. Windows 10 is considered the most mature and most stable Microsoft operating system: it will be supported with official security updates until at least October 2025 in all its editions. From that date, Microsoft will undoubtedly launch the ESU ( Extended Security Update ) program for at least three years.

Until October 2025, Microsoft is committed to releasing a feature update ( feature update ) for Windows 10 on an annual basis, and each of them is supported, in the case of the Home and Pro editions, for 18 months. For more information, you can check out the Windows 10 end-of-support dates.

Buying Windows 10 Professional on offer is an excellent choice: on the one hand, you ensure a reliable operating system at a very affordable price; on the other, you leave the door open to Windows 11. It is possible to switch to Windows 11 for free at any time: accept the update offer presented in the Windows Update window, use the Windows 11 installation assistant or double-click on the setup.exe file contained in the ISO file of Windows 11.

Alternatively, you can double-click the setup.exe file on bootable media created using the Media Creation Tool ( Download Now button under Creating Windows 11 Installation Media ) or other tools (for example, the Rufus utility ). On Mr Key Shop, in addition to the Windows 10 Pro promotion, you can buy Windows 10 Home at the lowest price. Whichever edition you decide to buy and install, you can still upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

To install Windows 10 from scratch, however, you can download the Windows 10 ISO. The Download Windows 10 page on the Microsoft site allows you to upgrade a previous operating system to Windows 10 with the Upgrade Assistant ( Windows 10 Upgrade ). By downloading and launching the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool ( Download the tool now button ), you can upgrade to Windows 10 and create installation media. Both tools are also useful for updating a Windows 10 installation to the latest available feature update.

The Best Offers Are Windows 7 And 8.1

Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 are now somewhat dated operating systems: the extended support period provided by Microsoft, respectively, ended in early 2023 and will end in January 2023. However, those who need to “keep alive” some machines that use outdated hardware configurations can still find Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 licenses at heavily discounted prices on Key Shop (starting from 19.99 euros).

By following a simple procedure, it is possible to switch from Windows 7 to Windows 11 without paying a cent: you only need a little patience. key Shop’s Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 offers could also be helpful for users who frequently work with virtual machines and need to regulate such installations.

Buy The Best Windows Offers On Mr Key Shop

Unlike Amazon’s Prime Day initiatives, the Windows 11 offers and other software promotions on Key Shop allow you to access discounted prices of up to 70% every day of the year. All licenses purchased at Key Shop are original, 100% genuine and guaranteed for life. If combined with a Microsoft account, the Windows 11 or Windows 10 Product Key and the relative license will remain linked to that account. 

The license is automatically retrieved and restored by reinstalling Windows on the same machine without entering the corresponding Product Key. In addition to the discounts and benefits presented at the beginning, Mr Key Shop operates as a “100% eco-friendly” company that does not generate CO 2 emissions and does not produce packaging pollution. Once you have selected the software of interest and completed the payment through the most preferred secure channel.

Key Shop sends the license data and a digital instruction booklet to the specified email address with all the information needed to download, install and activate. Alongside the Windows licenses, the Key Shop store allows you to take advantage of the best Office offers at a discounted price and to combine the Microsoft operating system and office suite in a stand-alone version (without having to pay any monthly or annual subscription) with one of the best antivirus 2022 and the most reliable and secure VPN services.

Businesses can also find attractive purchasing opportunities through promotional Microsoft Windows Server packages. For professionals and businesses, purchasing Windows Server, CAL licenses and SQL Server from reliable resellers is even more crucial: Mr Key Shop knows how to meet these needs by issuing a tax invoice for each purchase.

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