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The Administrative Management Of Personnel To Control HR Better

Managerial staff on the board can immediately turn into cerebral pain without fitting proficient, associated instruments. What precisely does faculty the board cover? What is the distinction between a human asset on the board? Definition, the portrayal of the exercises covered by staff on the board, and the benefits of an HRIS (HR the executive’s data framework) to work on your assignments: require 5 minutes to peruse this article, and you will further develop your faculty the board and gain in efficiency and effortlessness.

What Is Administrative Personnel Management?


The HR division (HR director) gives the regulatory administration of staff, to which the bookkeeping or monetary office is sometimes added to finance the executives. Workforce organization envelops a few perspectives:

  1. Various administrative, legal and mandatory tasks (detailed below) that defined deadlines must carry out,
  2. the strategic dimension of the administrative management of personnel, to create value through each employee,
  3. The social relationship is essential with the employees according to the company’s economic context and the collaborators’ evolution.

An essential function for the company, the administrative management of employees concerns all processing related to employment contracts, pay slips, absences, and paid holidays. It requires absolute rigor because it corresponds to regulatory requirements. Forbidding is time-consuming, and the administrative management of personnel remains unavoidable.

It translates daily into concrete requests from the chartered accountant on one side and the teams on the other. This is with deadlines to respect or often an urgency. Hi-Five Work is one of the few solutions dedicated solely to administrative management. Designed to respond directly to these issues, it is a great help for entrepreneurs in the smallest businesses:

  1. easy and intuitive platform available on the web and mobile;
  2. priority to personnel administrative management functions without over-functionality;
  3. brings together on the same venue the management of leave and absences, payslips, expense reports, schedules, etc.;
  4. free from 0 to 3 employees.

What Is The Difference Between Personnel Administration And HRM?

Human resources management (HRM) has a more global dimension. For example, it also includes skills management or employee career management. HR has a role of listening and advising, whereas personnel management has a purely administrative component. What is the content of personnel administration? The activities concerned

Leave And Absence Management.

The HR departments are responsible for managing employee leave and absences . This is explained by :

  1. Taking into account the different wants:
  2. paid vacation,
  3. the RTTs,
  4. sick leave,
  5. unpaid leave,
  6. other absences,
  7. the development of leave schedules: by department, by site, overall for the whole company, etc.,
  8. updating the leave balance, if not automated,
  9. ensuring that managers and employees respect validation workflows,
  10. the consideration of these elements for the payroll.

To prevent absences related to accidents at Work (and to guarantee a healthy work environment!), calculate your frequency rate.

Time Management

Are also managed by HR:

  1. time tracking,
  2. management of activity schedules,
  3. the monitoring of obligations in the event of an employee on a fixed daily rate, etc.

Payroll Preparation And Management

Payroll is a task that also falls to human resources. She understands : 

  1. the calculation and management of salaries, wages, and social security contributions,
  2. production and distribution of payslips. Before making employee pay slips, make sure you have read all the variable pay elements.

Management Of Labor Law Procedures And Documents

Business contracts, addenda to the understanding (like working from home addendum ), enlistment techniques, running against the norm, excusal system, or traditional break of agreement… One more string to the bow of HR. How would you oversee work regulation systems when you don’t have a chance to commit to them or don’t have every one of the expected abilities? 

Tissot versions offer SMEs Lumio, an HR-the-board device in SaaS mode, to ease up the weight of HR in all work regulation techniques. Are you skeptical about the enrollment technique, the reports to alter and ship off your selection, and the different associations? This arrangement thinks about everything for you: you save time by improving your regulatory administration, and it is on favorable terms to guarantee you.

Compliance With Legal Obligations

The Work and its conditions are governed by the following:

  1. the Labor Code,
  2. a collective agreement,
  3. collective agreements,
  4. or the rules of procedure.

Human resources managers are the guarantors of compliance with corporate legislation. With each change in the company’s law or regulation concerning work supervision, HR must be aware of and apply it.

Focus On HRIS And Personnel Administrative Management Tools

Benefits For Better Personnel Management

Carrying out the missions mentioned above manually or on Excel is a heavy job for HR managers: it requires time, energy, and a lot of patience, thus blocking a person on tasks that could be automated and optimized. In the era of digitalization of human resources, there are robust and modular tools to relieve HR managers and facilitate global management: HRIS.

Their advantages:

  1. One time for HR: thanks to the automation of specific tasks (such as the validation of leave) and data centralization. The collaborative aspect also comes into play: an employee who has access to his balance of days off, which is automatically updated with each request, does not ask HR to ask this question.
  2. Transparency and visibility of administrative processes: by training employees on the use of a collaborative tool, and thanks to precise access management, each employee is empowered and can manage certain administrative aspects such as requests for leave or reimbursement of expense reports, working time declarations, etc.
  3. Better transmission of information between departments: all administrative processes are accessible on the same software and by all company departments. Everyone is autonomous, whether accounting, human resources, or technical teams.
  4. Personalized HR monitoring of employees:  the configuration of HR indicators and dashboards gives an overview or, on the contrary, data per employee to better support everyone in the company.
  5. A strategic vision for HR: the centralization of data, the organization, analysis, and optimization of HR processes contribute to improving the company’s performance and the quality of life at Work for employees.
  6. Compliance with new regulations: the latest laws on the GDPR or withholding tax are just two examples of the changes that can directly impact the Work of HR. The HRIS has the advantage of automatically considering regulations for proper HR management.

From Controlled Personnel Management To Employee Well-Being

A very much directed managerial administration of faculty makes life simpler for HR divisions, and figuring out why: time saved, improvements on systems, and blunders kept away from, in particular, is simple. Remember that the prosperity of representatives is additionally worked on in a roundabout way by the tremendous managerial administration of the organization. Furthermore, who says capital at Work says improved efficiency? Even more motivation to more readily control your staff administrative administration!

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