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MacBook Pro 16″ (M2 Max) Test: Even More Efficient

The MacBook Pro M2 Max was launched by Apple (simultaneously with the M2 Pro) on January 17, 2023. Replacing the M1 Max, this machine is intended to be more powerful than its predecessor. On the other hand, in terms of aesthetics, the Cupertino giant has seen fit to avoid making major changes. Difficult to prove him wrong after the success of previous models. What’s happening with the new MacBook Pro M2 Max from the American firm Apple? Don’t panic; you will have all the elements and information you need to know in this test.

A Still Attractive Design

Like in 2021, the Apple brand relies on a solid aluminum case with near-perfect finishes. It must be recognized that, on this point, Apple rarely disappoints the users of its devices.  This 16-inch model weighs 2.16 kg on the scale, it is certainly quite heavy, but it is still correct for a laptop. The M2 Max has a sober, elegant, and modern design. 

The connection is rich, including 3 Thunderbolt 4 ports, an SD card reader, an HDMI port (2.1), an audio jack (3.5 mm), and a MagSafe connector. Note that the HDMI port can support TVs with 4K or 8K resolution. Besides Bluetooth 5.3., the M2 Max is also Wi-Fi 6 E compatible. This means that data transfer will now be done in record time. In addition, the latency will also be reduced.

On the screen, we note the presence of a notch that accommodates the webcam and other sensors. Small flat: we notice the absence of Face ID, as with the other models. The keyboard layout is similar to what you can see on the MacBook Air M2. As usual, there is a large Trackpad at the bottom of the keyboard, which allows ultra-precise control.

On each side of the device, the speakers ensure quality sound production. There are 6, and the user is also entitled to 3 microphones. Whether you use a headset or not, the experience is optimal. It’s unsurprising since the speakers that equip the M2 Max are more efficient than MacBook Air speakers. In addition, the latter support Dolby Atmos (for video) and Spatial Audio (for sound).

A Breathtaking Screen

Like the design, the screen of the MacBook Pro M2 Max is similar to that which equips the models released in 2021. It is a 16.2 ” Liquid Retina XDR panel (3456 x 2234 pixels) which provides highly detailed images and vivid colors. As for the brightness, it can reach 1600 nits (the standard brightness is set at 1000 nits). For example, the user will not be bothered by the light if he has to work outside.  In addition, the screen benefits from two cutting-edge technologies:

  1. ProMotion technology automatically adjusts the refresh rate according to the optimal rate adapted to the content.
  2. True Tone technology changes the display (brightness and colors) from the ambient environment. Professionals prefer to do without it to have a more accurate representation at the color level.

Note that when the user uses the MacBook Pro M2 Max at night, the screen continues to enjoy good brightness without disturbing people around. This is very practical if, for example, you have to work on a plane and you want to avoid at all costs that other passengers seated nearby are disturbed by the light from your computer.

More Than Commendable Performance

The similarities between the MacBook Pro M2 Max and previous models end there since it’s a whole different story in terms of performance. Indeed, this machine incorporates a 12-core CPU and a 38-core GPU. It also has up to 98 GB of unified memory with a bandwidth that can climb up to 400 GB / s. Added to this is an SSD storage capacity of 1 TB. 

But where the MacBook Pro M2 Max stands out is at the graphics level. This is why this computer is perfectly suited for professionals such as architects or video editors. Graphically, it can satisfy the most demanding users who wish to give free rein to their creativity. In addition, if you have to work with very large 3D files,

Improved Autonomy

Another aspect that has benefited from a notable improvement on the MacBook Pro M2 Max concerns autonomy. So you can work and browse the internet quietly for up to 3 p.m. non-stop (you should know that the M1 Max was limited to 12 hours of battery life). On the other hand, if you watch movies, the battery can last even longer (about twenty hours with the Apple TV application), which is considerable. 

And as if that weren’t enough, the MacBook Pro M2 Max is designed to consume as little energy as possible. And if needed, the device is compatible with fast-charging technology. In just 30 minutes, the battery can recover half of its charge. A real asset for users and especially professionals who are pressed for time. Note that the Apple brand provides users with a 140 W charger. The latter is indeed delivered with the MacBook Pro 16 ”. The only problem is that the charger in question is bulky, and we regret that it is not dual-port.

The Unparalleled Flexibility Of Use

It is also important to remember that the machine can offer almost identical performance whether you plug it into the mains. This does not really matter for ordinary users, but it is a significant parameter for professionals. For what reasons? They have the possibility of continuing to work effectively, whatever the circumstances.

This is the case, for example, when a professional travels by plane and wishes to edit a film during the journey. The MacBook Pro M2 Max saves precious time. Same thing for a professional who is on a filming location and needs to do some previews. Even if he does not have electricity nearby, he can still work.

Lots Of Features

All MacBook Pros run the macOS Ventura operating system. FYI, this is the 13th version of macOS. The advantage of this software is that it provides many interesting features, including, for example, Stage Manager. This function organizes apps and windows so that the user can stay focused. With it, the transition from one task to another is greatly facilitated.

Our Verdict On The 16″ MacBook Pro (M2 Max)

Initially intended for professionals, the MacBook Pro 16″ (M2 Max) is more versatile and intuitive than its predecessors. It offers unparalleled mobility while remaining efficient. The processor, for its part, does its job well, and the screen offers excellent quality rendering, whether day or night. But what seduces the most about this computer from the Apple brand is its great autonomy and the sound quality sent by its audio system, which has nothing to envy its direct competitors.

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