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How To Get A Refund On Amazon?

Amazon dominates the e-commerce market in France and internationally! For what? Because it offers its users an almost unlimited range of products at very competitive prices, particularly during Black Friday or flash sales. The speed of its deliveries is also remarkable. It is the ideal partner for finding and receiving last-minute gifts on time.

However, as with any delivery service, it may happen that a consumer does not receive their package or that it does not correspond to their order. In such cases, Amazon offers refund solutions. The process is easy and can be done in less than 5 minutes. Here are the steps to follow.

Get A Refund If A Package Still Needs To Be Received

If you have not received the item ordered on the platform, contact Amazon customer service immediately. You have a maximum period of 30 days after the scheduled delivery date to report this problem. If your package tracking indicates a delivery made, but you have not received it, here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Go to the Amazon website and log in to your account by entering your username and password;
  2. Go to the “Account and list” section, then click on “Your orders”;
  3. You will then access a page listing all your current and past Amazon orders. Choose the item concerned and check that the delivery address you provided is correct. If everything seems right, make sure that the carrier has left no delivery notice or that the package has not been left in your mailbox;
  4. Suppose you are still looking for a delivery notice or your package. In that case, you can consult the carrier’s contact details and contact them to request information on the delivery of the package. Use the tracking number of your order to facilitate exchanges with the airline.
  5. You can also contact Amazon customer service if the carrier cannot be reached.

Amazon customer service is available 24/7 and offers several contact methods:

  1. By telephone ;
  2. Via the Amazon website, by going to the “Need help?” section. » which is located at the footer;
  3. Using live chat;
  4. By email, by filling out the contact form on the site.

Follow the instructions from Amazon customer service to get a refund. Amazon undertakes to refund the price you paid within 14 days of your request. If this deadline is respected, the platform must pay you on time.

Get A Refund If The Product Is Defective Or Unsuitable

If you have received your item, but it does not meet your expectations, you can return or exchange it.

Conditions For Getting Reimbursed

If the item received does not suit you, several conditions apply for a refund via Amazon. For example, a product purchased two years ago cannot be returned for a refund. The product must have a defect, be under warranty, or not correspond to what you ordered. Whatever the reason, the return must be made within 30 days of receipt. Here again, a few criteria must be met to obtain a refund:

  1. The returned item should be in its unique condition
  2. Food products are not eligible for return
  3. Digital products, such as software or video games, cannot be returned
  4. Amazon gift certificates are non-refundable

The Procedure For Getting Reimbursed

The first step is to inform Amazon that you no longer want your product and would like a refund. To do this, log in to your Amazon account, go to the “Accounts and Lists” section, then “Your Orders.” You then access a list summarizing all your current or past purchases. Select the item to return on this page by clicking the “Return or replace items” button.

Amazon will then ask you the reason for this return: purchase made in error, inadequate quality, damaged item, wrong item received, defective, etc. Confirm your choice by pressing the “Continue” button. Then, choose the repayment method that suits you.

Different payment methods are possible: reimbursement by top-up to your Amazon account balance, reimbursement of money to your bank account, or as an Amazon gift voucher. After clicking “Continue,” you must select the method for returning your items. You can choose between a UPS relay, a parcel relay, or directly at the post office. Validate your return request and wait for confirmation from Amazon.

Return Of The Product

Once your return request is validated on the Amazon website, you will receive an email detailing the steps to return your item. You must print the return label and your authorization to return the item. Put the approval in the package and stick the label on the product packaging, then drop off the package either at the post office or at a relay point, depending on the previous choice. If returning multiple items, create a separate package for each label. It is important to note that returns are free for items sold and shipped by Amazon if initiated within the specified time frame. 

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