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Free Parental Control: Top 8 Apps

In an increasingly connected world, where the use of digital technology continues to increase, parents must be responsible towards their children about the use of smartphones. The problem comes from the risks they may face online. As a parent, it is essential to protect and support your children’s digital life and to make them aware of good practices.

Today you can monitor and exercise control over your teen’s world while providing them with a safe digital experience. We have selected the 8 best apps to control Internet use and monitor the time spent on the Screen. Used by over 4 million families worldwide, Qustodio is the all-in-one parental control and digital well-being solution. 

Market Leader offers a range of features, from monitoring websites to the panic button when the children are not at home. This comprehensive software allows you to monitor your children’s activity with ease. As the interface of its online dashboard is very well designed, it is intuitive, efficient, ergonomic, and pleasant to use.

Using it allows you to filter content, block inappropriate apps, set screen time limits, and track calls and SMS. It also generates reports on your child’s activity and alerts when he tries to access blocked sites. What sets Qustodio apart from other parental control apps? It has educational content to help parents promote a healthy and positive digital education.


Developed over a decade ago, mSpy is one of the market’s most popular parental control apps. Highly secure, it uses the latest encryption protocols for better data protection. It then sees itself as the ultimate solution for further monitoring your children’s digital activities. Its powerful features are worth its performance and efficiency. 

mSpy gives you effective and real-time monitoring of your children’s digital activities without them knowing, with an update every 5 minutes. From your mobile, you can follow your child’s call history, discussions on messaging platforms (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.), GPS position, and keep an eye on his websites. Visits. In addition, you can analyze its multimedia content to prevent inappropriate content sharing.

FamiSafe (Wondershare)

Parental control software par excellence, FamiSafe, is the best application. It allows parents not only to find a balance but, above all, to create digital habits adapted to the age of their children. Its use then guarantees you peace of mind, especially when they are outside your home. You can follow your children’s movements and consult the location history anytime.

Other than that, FamiSafe compiles a complete and detailed report about your kids’ daily activities, including app usage time and recently installed or deleted apps. Customizable at will, you can easily configure web filters, access rights to applications, and the time spent on the screen. Indeed, FamiSafe is surely the most effective application for supervising social networks, especially YouTube and Tik Tok. It gives you greater control over your children’s digital lives while protecting them from online risks.

Google FamilyLink

Family Link is the parental control software developed by the American giant Google. Designed specifically to solve problems related to the use of smartphones, it allows parents to manage their children’s accounts and configure the related parameters. It is a complete solution that includes tools that are easy to use daily. It allows you to take control of permissions management for websites and extensions on Chrome.

Google Family Link also makes it a point of honor to protect your children’s data and gives you full control over their accounts. Thus, you can block channels as well as inappropriate sites for an age-appropriate experience and set the optimal screen time so that your child can enjoy a good balance and does not become addicted to his tablet or his smartphone.


Managing children’s internet usage has always been challenging with Kidslox parental control software. This is a great tool to support your child in their digital life. Indeed, it allows you to manage your child’s screen time, giving your family more time to be together. With multi-platform parental control coverage, you can remotely control your devices to ensure maximum security.

For optimal protection of your children against online risks, Kidslox offers powerful yet easy-to-use features. To prevent your child from falling on inappropriate sites, block applications and filter content in just a few clicks. You also have access to the location history and can follow his movements, which allows you to keep peace of mind when he goes out with his friends, for example.

Norton Family for Parents

It is important to know how to balance the use of screens for adults and children. Known for its antivirus, Norton has released its parental control software: the Norton Family for parents. As the name suggests, it’s for parents who want to keep tabs on their kids’ online activities without being too intrusive. Using such a tool allows you, on the one hand, to help your children find balance and adopt healthy habits vis-à-vis the use of digital technology

On the other hand, it allows them to take full advantage of the internet without fear of encountering inappropriate content. Very intuitive, the Norton Family solution has a modern and remarkable interface. It also offers advanced features and is distinguished by its keyword filtering option. Small downside: some of its options are only available in certain countries.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Technological leader in developing security software, the Kaspersky brand has created a powerful solution dedicated to parental control. It includes flexible tools to protect your children’s online activities while giving you control over them. Customizable, you can adapt it to your needs for optimal safety for your children. It also offers very practical features for simple and effective daily use.

With Kaspersky Safe Kids, you no longer have to worry about your child’s digital usage. This software incorporates options allowing you to create an online environment that does not interfere with your children’s learning, control calls, and SMS, and monitor social networks like Facebook. Thanks to the filtering function, you can avoid the risk of your children encountering inappropriate or obscene content.

Find My Kids

Developed by Family Safety Production, Find My Kids is more than a parental control app. This is the best family tracking app running on Android and iOS. Faced with concerns that parents may feel about the safety of their children, this solution has been entirely designed to ensure their well-being. As easy to install as it is, you can configure its settings according to your needs.

With Find My Kids, end the calls every half hour when your child is away from home or late to return. Thanks to this app, you can follow his movement in real-time and even consult the detailed history of his journeys (feature only available on iPhone). In case of danger, it can directly send you an SOS signal without calling you. Consider equipping your child with a connected GPS watch for more efficiency and to be within easy reach.

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