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Comparison: Which AirPods To Choose? Guide To Differences

With the arrival of the 2nd generation of AirPods Pro, Apple confirms its position as the world’s number 1 wireless earphone. But the many references now available do not help to understand which AirPods to choose: our comparison is here to explain all the differences. AirPods Pro, AirPods Max or AirPods 3? Follow the leader.

Choose Your AirPods By Use

  1. For sports: AirPods Pro 2
  2. To save: AirPods 2
  3. for sound: AirPods Max
  4. For good value for money: AirPods 3
  5. For active noise reduction, AirPods Pro 2

AirPods Pro (second generation): Sport And Accessibility

With their silicone ear tips, AirPods Pro are the one that stays best in the earpiece when you’re on the move. So, indeed, the result is not at the level of accurate intra, but if you are looking for which AirPods to choose for moving, there you have your answer. The AirPods Pro also have the advantage of being resistant to splashes and sweat, unlike the AirPods Max and AirPods 2. Therefore, there is no problem if you sweat while running or it starts to rain. 

The AirPods Pro are also the only AirPods in our comparison with a conversation amplifier. A tool that focuses the sound on the person speaking in front of you to understand them better is helpful for hearing impairment or concentration problems (ADHD). Finally, as the name suggests, the AirPods Pro are the best if you’re looking for which AirPods to choose in the proper wireless headphones template.

AirPods 3: The Best Autonomy?

Official comparative figures provided by Apple announce that its third generation AirPods launched at the end of 2021, offer up to six hours of listening time on a single charge or thirty with their MagSafe charging case. The AirPods Pro 2 offers almost the same endurance, sometimes with a few minutes more, depending on use. As for the AirPods 2’s total endurance is the same, but it can last five hours on a single charge. 

For their part, the AirPods Max reach a maximum of twenty hours of listening time on a single account, but they are not entitled to a case that acts as a battery. On the other hand, theirs makes it possible to keep them on standby while spending little energy (one just wonders why Apple does not simply turn them off).

On Fast Charging

If you are looking for which AirPods to choose for your long trips, the “classic” AirPods of 2021 and the second-generation AirPods Pro are the right choices. But on this point, the AirPods Max makes the difference because, in the same period of time, they offer thirty minutes of autonomy.

AirPods 2: The Cheapest

They last less, don’t have active noise reduction, only charge with a Lightning connector and not wirelessly, but the AirPods (2nd generation) are the most affordable. Indeed, a quick updated comparison of the prices charged by Apple shows us that the brand has increased its price to 149 euros (instead of 179 euros) by launching the AirPods 3.

A cost which has since risen by 10 euros with the inflation.Other differences to keep in mind if you’re looking for which AirPods to choose on a budget: AirPods 2 are not waterproof, they are not compatible with Spatial Audio and have one less microphone than AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro 2.

Which AirPods To Choose For Audio Quality?

The AirPods Max won hands down the award for best AirPods for music. And for good reason: these headphones have a giant diaphragm and excellent speakers. The size difference is also in favour of this device, being that the other AirPods are entitled to an incomparable format. The same remark is on the side of the microphones: the AirPods Max (full technical sheet) has nine sensors, including eight for active noise reduction.

Which AirPods To Choose For Noise Reduction?

And justly, noise cancellation, let’s talk about it. This aircraft technology has been miniaturized to arrive in the AirPods Pro. Still, as our comparative test with the AirPods Max proves, the result is different – and better – with the Bluetooth headset. We expected no less from a helmet sold for almost twice as much.”

In short, if you are wondering which AirPods to choose to take public transport, for example, or in any case, to evolve in a noisy space, then opt for the AirPods Max. It is also convenient for working and studying in a shared place (library, media library, open room, etc.), with your unique “concentration” musical playlist broadcast in your ears.

Which AirPods Should I Choose If I Travel?

Please note that all the AirPods presented in this comparison are compatible with the Locate app to find them in the event of loss or theft. But this may not be the key characteristic for nomads. No, if you are looking for which AirPods to choose before going on vacation, taking a plane or getting on a TGV Ouigo, then the second-generation AirPods may be the most suitable.

They are the easiest to transport because they occupy much smaller space than other AirPods. And less weight at check-in, too. For example, the difference with AirPods Max is noticeable: more than five hundred grams for the helmet with its Smart Case against… only about forty-two for the AirPods 2.

Price Comparison

In addition, as you can see in the following comparison, AirPods are the cheapest to replace in the event of loss. It costs seventy-five euros per unit for essential headphones, a difference of almost 25% from the same price for AirPods Pro. As for the AirPods Max… The AppleCare+ deductible is twenty-nine euros, for eighty-five euros if the battery needs to be changed. And we are, of course, not talking about the total value of the accessory in the event of a significant incident. Moreover, if your objective is to know which AirPods to choose according to your means, here is the price list provided by their manufacturer upon purchase:

  1. 159 euros for AirPods 2 with wired charging case
  2. 219 euros for AirPods 3
  3. 299 euros for AirPods Pro from 2022
  4. 629 euros for AirPods Max

Tip: Second-generation AirPods with wireless charging cases are also sold for 149 euros, but no longer in the Apple Store. Resellers, however, regularly offer exciting offers on this product precisely because it is starting to date. It’s the same for the old first AirPods of the name, sometimes close to 100 euros only.

Compatibility Comparison

AirPods Pro 2, AirPods (2nd Gen), AirPods (3rd Gen), and AirPods Max are all compatible with the iPhone 14 line. There is no difference in compatibility (iPad and computers included), although some headphones should stop being supported by their manufacturer before others depending on their release date.

Which AirPods To Choose For iPhone 6, 6 Plus And 5s?

Among the AirPods still available in the Apple Store, the AirPods 2 are the only ones announced as still compatible with the iPhone 5s, iPhone6 ​​and iPhone 6 Plus models. This does not mean it will be impossible to pair other AirPods with it, but you risk encountering profound differences in functionality or even bugs. Ditto for the iPod Touch 6 and the iPad mini 2 and 3.

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