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Add Reminders On Android Mobile And Desktop

Step-by-step instructions to add updates and occasions and oversee significant cutoff times with Google administrations from cell phones and laptops, partaking in a brought-together and exceptionally natural methodology. Google’s advanced right hand has become considerably more skillful in overseeing arrangements and everyday responsibilities. 

The Google Schedule is a help that the Mountain View organization makes accessible to every one of its clients and which permits you to monitor occasions, updates, and exercises. The benefit is overseeing what should be finished, for personal reasons or about work, throughout the next few days. 

Google Schedule is one of the administrations that is kept continually in a state of harmony: you can include a booked undertaking on your cell phone, in any event, utilizing voice orders and the Google Right hand, then survey your plan notes on a tablet or work area PC (or the other way around).

Difference Between Reminders, Events, And Tasks

Google Calendar and Google Assistant differentiate between reminders, events, and tasks. In short, while the reminders are remembered until the indicated is completed (the user must confirm that he has completed the programmed operation), the events are then “passed” when the same expires regardless of whether the user whether or not I took part.

Events can be a conference, meeting someone, a plane or train ride, and may or may not involve others. If you usually go to the gym on Thursday evenings, you can set up an event, but defining a reminder could help you not to forget an important piece of equipment at home. Tasks allow you to combine multiple items, a sort of ” to-do” list that needs to be done in sequence. 

They can also be repeated if necessary. In case you regularly hold conferences, meetings, or business meetings, creating a task can help define how to prepare before the meeting. There are so many ways to interact with the Google Calendar: everyone can freely choose the best ones to create a reminder, receive a notification, and view events, tasks, and things to remember every day.

Create Reminders Automatically With Voice Commands

We use Google Assistant daily to remind us of things to do and set events and reminders. The best way to add reminders on an Android device is to say OK, then say something like ” Add a reminder for tomorrow at 4 pm, collect ordered products ” or ” Add a reminder for May 20th at 3 pm, call the suppliers.

You can say ” Add reminder,” but the Google Assistant will then request all the additional information to be included in the calendar. In addition to reminders, Google’s digital assistant can be used to create events: the only disadvantage is that with voice commands in Italian, it isn’t possible to create events that last a whole day (see below).

The information added using the Google Assistant will be synchronized online: thus, for example, by accessing the web version of the Google Calendar, you will immediately find the reminders and events added gradually. Likewise, all information will be synchronized with the Google Calendar app installed on mobile devices.  In the article Google Calendar, how to best use it, we presented the main features and some lesser-known features of the Google Calendar, providing indications for using it from a desktop and a mobile device.

Add Reminders With Google Keep

An app that we use a lot is also Google Keep: it not only allows you to memorize and manage notes of various kinds (including vocal notes with the automatic transformation of speech into editable text; see the article Google Keep: to manage reminders and notes, with OCR and speech recognition ) but also create reminders that are displayed not only within the app but instantly transferred to your Google calendar. 

Using Google Calendar from the app or the web, you will immediately find the new reminder added using Keep. To change the reminder, you can return to Keep or use the Calendar application from “mobile” or web. The function for editing reminders using Google Assistant and voice commands has yet to be enabled. 

On the other hand, it is possible to eliminate reminders and events already created without problems: be clear enough in the exposition of what you want to do. For example, you can ask your digital assistant, ” Dismiss today’s reminder at 5 pm “. One important thing we checked: creating a new reminder from the Calendar app, the web, or with voice commands won’t show it in the Reminders section of the Keep app.

Add Reminders From The Calendar App Or The Web

The Google Calendar app allows you to view the reminders and events created with the ability to manage them on time. Both from the mobile app and from the web, in the case of events, it is also possible to define events that last all day. In the article Google Calendar, how to best use it, we have seen how to do it in detail.

Even managing events and reminders from the web is simple: click on each to apply changes, cancel, invite participants, and much more. For each event or reminder, it is possible to set how long in advance you want to be notified: on Android, you will see a notification appear by default even when the screen is off. It is important to access the Google Calendar app, choose Settings from the main menu, General settings, Google Calendar notifications, Advanced, And Show all notification content on the lock screen. 

Also, turn on the Show notification indicator switch. It is possible to go to this address and choose Event Settings from the web. Selecting Desktop notifications in the Notifications drop-down menu will show a message in the lower right corner of the screen in case of upcoming events or reminders. If you use Chrome as a browser on a PC, it is possible to make Google Calendar a sort of app that can be called, for example, from the system tray: How to turn web applications into desktop programs.

Manage Your Voice Activity With Google Assistant

We remind you that, as seen in the article, Google Assistant improves and responds to voice commands in Italian; it is possible to pronounce verbal requests such as Show me today’s tasks or What are tomorrow’s reminders to obtain, respectively, a list of events and reminders on the agenda. 

As voice requests are made to Google, this page (to be visited after logging in with the same Google user account configured on the mobile device) will be memorized, made privately available for consultation, and used to improve the functioning of the digital assistant. The activities recorded by Google, including voice activities, can be removed by accessing this page and choosing the period of interest. We also suggest reading the article Clearing Google History: now it’s much easier and Faster.

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