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10 Tools To Download Instagram Videos To MP4

Instagram is the most used social network after Facebook and is especially famous among young audiences. There are often several interesting video contents that you want to download. Indeed, downloading videos in MP4 format is possible with the right tools. Here are the 10 tools to help you download your favorite Instagram videos.

4k Stogram

Want to save media from Instagram? 4K Stogram is your best ally, and this tool can be used in the trial version. Indeed, it allows us to carry out several actions of saving downloading on Instagram. First, 4K Stogram allows you to save posts on Instagram that caught your attention and that you want to save.

Then, it is used to download stories that you do not want to let disappear. Its coolest feature is uploading video posts to Instagram. This allows you to archive all the video content that has marked you on the network. The little extra is that it is a tool that allows you to download private profiles.

All-In-One Downloader

All in One Downloader is a free download tool to download content from all social networks. From now on, you no longer have to let your favorite clips pass on Instagram or other social networks. Using this download tool, you can have them on your Smartphone, computer, or tablet. The advantage is that All in One Downloader supports several formats: MP4, MP3, 3GP, and M4A. 

In addition to video content, it allows you to download image files in PNG, GIF, or JPG format. The download process is simple: copy and paste the content URL into the dedicated field. The tool offers a save option, and you need to click “Save as” and then recover the file on your machine.


iGram is a comprehensive tool allowing you to download IGTV videos. At the same time, it allows you to download Instagram photos. It is a tool that has the advantage of being easy to use. It is easy to use on all your mobile devices to connect to Instagram: tablet, laptop, and Smartphone.  The steps to download with iGram are simple. First, you have to look for the content link to download. The second step is pasting this link on the dedicated field before clicking the “Download” button. The last step is the download in question, which is done very quickly.


Poko Insta is an online Instagram video downloader that works for free. Thus, it allows you to get videos in MP4 format. Downloaded files are always high resolution. Being an online downloader, Poko Insta is easy to use as no download or installation is required. The download process is simple, as it only takes 3 steps. The first is to copy the URL of the post containing the video. Then, you must copy this link to the field dedicated to it in Poko Insta. All the available qualities are displayed, and you choose the one that suits you.

Save Instagram

Save Insta is a free tool for downloading high-quality Instagram videos, photos, and stories. It works with different types of support: Android, iPhone, tablet, or PC. With Save Insta, you don’t have to log in with your Instagram account to download. Likewise, you are under no obligation to disclose private information. The advantage of using Save Insta is the quality of the videos and photos saved.

Save IG

With Save IG, users can download videos from Instagram very fast. Copy the video link, paste it into the field dedicated to the URL, and start the download. This only takes a few seconds or a few minutes (depending on the content volume). Save IG works on all devices including PC, tablets, and Smartphones. It is an online downloader, so it works on your browser without installation.


Snapinsta is a tool that allows you to download Instagram videos regardless of their format and volume. In addition, it makes it easier to download Instagram photos or collages that interest you. As for its IGTV video downloader feature, it allows you to save long videos to watch them later. To view this content, you will no longer need an internet connection. Last but not least, Snapinsta also allows you to download stories. And recently, Snapinsta has a new feature to view a person’s story on IG.


Snaptube is a free application for downloading Instagram videos. However, this application is compatible with many other sites, including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, DailyMotion, etc. Being an app, Snaptube must be downloaded and installed to use. Once installed, it allows you to obtain multimedia files in several formats.


Tools allow you to download Instagram videos to your phone or save them for later viewing. This last option allows you to watch content offline. This tool has the advantage of being free and quick to operate, providing high-quality content. Tools are easy to use and access, as no registration is required. In addition, it is accessible from any device you use to connect: Smartphone, tablet, or PC.


SSSGram is a tool for downloading IG videos, photographs, reels, and stories. It is simple, comfortable, and quick to use. In just 3 clicks, you get the media file that excites you. First, you have to copy the content link to download and paste it on the dedicated field in SSSGram. Then you start the download and wait a few seconds for the file. SSSGram has the advantage of being compatible with all devices, including tablets, smartphones, and PCs. It is a free tool, but at the same time efficient and reliable.

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