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Xiaomi Mi A1 Or Mi 5X: Differences And What To Pay Attention To

Let’s summarize the main differences between two very recent Xiaomi devices with a truly unreachable value for money: Mi A1 and Mi 5X. These days, we have tried the Xiaomi Mi A1 and the Xiaomi Mi 5X, two essentially twin Android 7.1 Nougat smartphones characterized by unparalleled value for money. Given that both phones, if purchased, represent an excellent deal, especially if it were possible to find them on the market for around 170-180 euros, let’s try to understand the main differences between Xiaomi Mi A1 and Mi 5X and which one should be bought. 

Mi A1 And Mi 5X: The Hardware Equipment Common To Both Models And The Main Differences

Both the Mi A1 and the Mi 5X are smartphones characterized by very convincing hardware equipment:

  1.  Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa-core 2 GHz SoC
  2. 4 GB RAM + 64 GB internal storage
  3. Dual SIM dual standby (see also Android Dual SIM, how to choose and configure your smartphone; second slot that can be used, alternatively, for insert a large micro SD card up to 128GB)
  4. 5.5 inch 1920×1080 pixel (450 nits, 403 ppi) IPS display
  5. Dual 12 Megapixel rear cameras with f/2.2 aperture; 5 Megapixel front camera
  6. 3,080 mAh battery

The specifications lack the reference to LTE support which is different in the case of the two smartphones: the Mi A1 also supports the B20 band (800 MHz), so whoever buys it will have no problems connecting to the 4G mobile network with any Italian mobile operator ( Wind included); the Mi 5X, on the other hand, does not support the B20 band. Mi A1 is, in fact, the first device that Xiaomi had expressly conceived for sale on Western markets, while the “twin brother” Mi 5X remains a terminal, at least when first turned on, much more Chinese than all the others.

In the packaging of the Mi A1 ( on which the Global wording stands out and which, for the first time, is wrapped in a hardcover that testifies to the different path taken compared to the many other terminals in the Xiaomi catalog), you will find a charger with a European plug while in that of the Mi 5X the charger the usual Chinese plug is included. In both cases, a USB Type-C cable recharges the battery and connects to the PC.

The Operating System Is The Most Important Difference Between Mi A1 And Mi 5X

The differences don’t stop there because the most important difference between the two Xiaomi smartphones lies in the operating system. The Mi A1 is Xiaomi’s first Android One smartphone: the Android One logo is visible on the back of the device, on the box, and at startup, without even the spaces. You can jokingly read it “Italian-style” as a ” large Android, “an “Android one,” in fact, but it is more simply a version of the operating system that Google had originally designed for cheaper devices and those intended for emerging countries.

 Only at the beginning because now Android One is a stock version of Android free of any customization, both by Google and by the hardware manufacturer. As can be seen on the official Android One website, the Mi A1 is one of the few smartphones that features the operating system.

Xiaomi has preloaded Android One on its Mi A1 thanks to the collaboration with Google; the advantages are undeniable. The presence of Android One on the Mi A1 is a guarantee: like the much more expensive Pixels, you will be sure to receive updates for the operating system and security patches almost simultaneously with the release of the monthly patches by Google.

As seen in the image, thanks to the OTA ( over-the-air ) update, we immediately updated the Mi A1 by installing all of this month’s Google patches. The Mi 5X is instead a somewhat anomalous terminal as regards the software side: the official Xiaomi ROM is only available in Chinese (without Play Store or Google services), and the reason lies in the launch of the brother Mi A1.

In the case of the Mi 5X, the only solution to use the device with an interface in Italian, with the Google Play Store and Google services installed, is to modify its firmware by installing the excellent Xiaomi ROM (always updated). .eu: see, in this regard, Buy Xiaomi: which smartphone to choose. We have installed Xiaomi. EU 7.0.12 ROM based on MIUI on the Mi 5X and all the other Xiaomi-branded devices except the Mi A1.

Let’s say right away that installing the Xiaomi. Eu ROM on the Mi 5X takes time. First, you must ask Xiaomi for authorization to unlock the bootloader using this page and register a Xiaomi user account whose credentials must be entered in the Mi Software Unlock. Usually, it is also necessary to register on the Xiaomi forum after creating the account, and the chosen nickname must be specified in a special box during login.

After these steps, you must download a modified recovery, the Xiaomi. Eu ROM and flash it on the device using the fast boot flash command. A good guide is given on this page. The Mi A1 does not have any customization in terms of software: from the first start, you are faced with the stock Android screen: The app drawer, with the complete list of Android applications present, can be accessed with a swiping operation from the bottom to top.

By accessing the Android settings, you can immediately notice that there are no Xiaomi customization options, except for the presence of the Mi Services section (here you can disable participation in the user experience program and the sending of anonymous diagnostic data) and the use of the Chinese company’s proprietary Camera app.

The apps that Xiaomi then pre-installs on the Mi A1s are Remote Control (which allows you to manage any domestic and non-domestic device with infrared) and Feedback (to send comments on the operation of the device and any requests to the Chinese house). While the ongoing official updates and lack of customization are good, Android One on the Mi A1 looks less mature than MIUI 9 on the Mi 5X.

We recorded a higher Android One boot time than MIUI and a shorter battery life on the Mi A1 than the Mi 5X, more or less for the same activities carried out during the day. Both phones are characterized by splendid telephone reception, even if, in the case of the Mi 5X, the absence of support for the B20 band in the case of LTE / 4G should be noted with the red sign.

In general, the audio section is convincing regarding telephone calls and the reproduction of sound files (the speaker located in the lower part of the device, despite being “mono,” guarantees a good power enviable by many competitors). As for the photographic section, Mi 5X and Mi A1 allow you to obtain truly remarkable and, in many ways, unexpected results.

If you think these are phones that can be found online for around 200 euros and from now on for even less (170-180 euros), the quality of the shots is positively surprising. The photos are remarkable, especially in good lighting conditions with vivid colors, adhering to reality and with little noise. Thanks to the double focal length on the back of the device, photos can also be acquired at 2X or 10X, which is okay.

The dual camera allows for particularly effective and immersive bokeh effects, better than most of the competition. In low light conditions, the results are less convincing, and it is advisable to stop at 1X to avoid the appearance of noise. Video capture is, of course, the weakest part. Overall, however, both Mi A1 and Mi 5X are great smartphones considering their ridiculous price.

Where To Buy Xiaomi Mi A1 And Mi 5X At A Special Price

Expecting that those intrigued can look at online the best cost for every one of the two gadgets ( remembering, notwithstanding, that the Mi A1 is a “prepared to utilize” terminal while the Mi 5X must initially be opened and afterward introduced by the Xiaomi. eu ROM physically), Gearbest right now offers the accompanying buy open doors:

  1. – Xiaomi Mi 5X black for around 172 euros using the coupon code 24M5XIT
  2. – Xiaomi Mi A1 pink for around 178 euros using the coupon code A1 Xiaomi

Both promotions are limited in time only and while stocks last.

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