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Workplace Management: What It Is & How To Optimize It

In 2022 there is no doubt: the office is a hybrid place and requires new workplace management strategies that can guarantee dynamic, safe, and people-friendly management of desks, rooms, and assets. It is a question of abandoning decades of static nature to embrace a new working logic (and a new corporate culture) in which even the physical spaces must be shaped around the needs of the workers. The objectives of the new workplace management are clear:

  1. Increase well-being within the entire hybrid workplace.
  2. Optimize the availability of tools, services, and resources.
  3. Promote efficient sharing and booking of desks.
  4. Enable a virtuous conversion of unused spaces.
  5. Create the conditions for attracting and retaining young talent thanks to a flexible and smart operating paradigm.

In short, it is an ambitious perspective: the management of desks or meeting rooms, therefore, becomes an activity as strategic as it is complex that requires high organizational skills.

How Workplace Management Has Changed In The Era Of Hybrid Work

 To achieve the new workplace management objectives, company managers and HR managers need a room booking, desk booking, and service booking software solution integrated with space monitoring and management functions in a collaborative key. Only through the support of this kind is it possible to transform hybrid work into a fluid and advantageous experience for both employees and management and the business as a whole.

From the point of view of the workers, the ideal workplace management solution allows them to enable the booking of desks, rooms, or the desired asset and to use them with a self-check-in and check-out system with complete autonomy. 

As far as HR managers and executives are concerned, on the other hand, this platform must offer specific governance functions and full visibility of all the dynamics of the use of company resources: the workplace management tool must make it possible to set the capacity of the spaces according to specific internal policies, check the real use of desks, meeting rooms, common areas, facilities or services and to view all the statistics, graphs and KPIs relating to occupancy and reservations. 

Desk Booking, Room Booking, And Service Reservations: Workplace Management In One Click

The real added value offered by an advanced workplace management solution is a user experience never experienced before: making desk bookings, room bookings, and service reservations from the web or app allow business users to concretely organize their hybrid work and exploit every resource in absolute terms simplicity, without limits.

 In organizing meetings, in particular, an advanced workplace management platform allows you to eliminate any complexity: with just a few clicks, it is possible to reserve rooms, invite colleagues, customers, or collaborators, manage video conferencing devices, and check-in participants. 

But that’s not all: intelligent technology allows you to increase the flexibility of the workplace even more. Like? By installing beacons within the company’s physical spaces and making them communicate with the app on users’ smartphones, it is possible to detect (anonymously) the user’s position and activate the available functions closest to him.

 In this way, for example, you can immediately check if there is a free desk nearby to make impromptu desk reservations or check in real time if a parking space is available in the company car park. In practice, a truly cutting-edge workplace management system makes it possible to exponentially expand the range to enable the booking of specific services such as catering, concierge, secretarial services, translation, canteen, company gym, or parking space. The point is to easily integrate any new booking option within the application, making it immediately usable by authorized users.

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