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Twitter Tests New Shopping Feature “Product Drops”

Twitter continues to work on its shopping features. The short message service is starting the test phase for the new “Product Drops” feature. We explain the background.  Twitter only started the test phase for the Twitter Shops function in March. Companies can upload up to 50 of their products and thus open their small shop in the short message service. Now the short message service is upping the ante and heralding the test phase for the next new shopping feature with “Product Drops”.

What Is Twitter’s New Product Drops Feature?

With the “Product Drops”, product announcements by brands and companies should no longer disappear into the background. Because with the new feature, users can be reminded of the start of sales.

So if a brand announces a new product or a limited edition, fans no longer have to worry about missing the sale and possibly even the Product in question. The “Remind me” button appears in the seller’s tweet when a product is announced. If users click on this, they will be reminded when the sales start.

If you want to know more about the announced Product, you can click on the tweet of the brand or the company. An overview of the price, the description and pictures of the article appear here.

When the time for the sale has come, users will receive a reminder in their notifications 15 minutes before the start and at the actual start of the sale. Another button appears here, which interested parties can use to buy the respective Product on the website.

Where Are The “Product Drops” Available So Far?

So far, only users in the USA can test the new shopping feature. And here, too, there are restrictions. Because the “Product Drops” only run on iOS devices that are used in English.

Twitter invited so-called “managed partners” to start the test phase. With them, users can test the function. These include brands such as Dior, Fossil and Lego. According to the announcement, the partners will soon be offering the first “Product Drops”. Then iOS users in the USA can test the feature for the first time.

Twitter And Its Shopping Efforts

Twitter has been experimenting with a shopping function for its platform for a long time. The first tests were already running in 2015. However, these had to be put on hold for other developments.

The first test phase for Twitter Shopping then started in July 2021. Because in the meantime, competing platforms such as Instagram had also integrated a shopping function into their feeds. So the time was ripe to offer a possibility for online shopping on Twitter.

Since then, the short message service has been experimenting with various functions. Whether live shopping in cooperation with Walmart or Twitter Shops, where brands and companies can publish entire collections.

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