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Top 8 Apps To Manage Your Budget

The current economic situation pushes many households to curb their daily or weekly expenses. Everyone gets involved in good management so that they can make ends meet and save some money. Why not get help from the appropriate applications? Here are the top 8 best apps to manage your budget.


Bankin’ is an application designed for iPad, making managing expenses, savings and credits much easier. It is the perfect tool for those who want to save safely. The application gives you an overview of your accounts and expenses. It warns you so that your accounts are never overdrawn.

Moreover, Bank’ give you quick access to all your accounts, even if they are registered with different banks. To help you make the best financial decisions, this application automatically categorizes your expenses (rent, shopping, taxes, transport, etc.). Most importantly, you have coaches who answer your questions and help you optimize your portfolio.


Linxo is an application that allows you to control all your accounts fully. It allows you to categorize all your operations to eliminate unnecessary expenses and focus on the essentials (food, salary, fuel, etc.). A priori, Linxo gives you an overview of all your classic accounts. But in addition, it allows you to follow your savings accounts (PEE, PER, life insurance, etc.).

It is also a valuable aid for investors who need to visualize the distribution of their investment funds. Linxo is a completely secure technology, as the Banque in India approves it under number 16928. Therefore, it allows you to make all your transfers in complete security in just a few clicks. Linxo informs you of everything by sending you notifications (a receipt of salary, bank charges, and important news concerning your accounts.


Budget is completely free, allowing you to manage all your finances. It allows users to monitor their accounts on a day-to-day basis. To do this, Budgea downloads all banking transactions daily. Then, it shows you the state of your finances in a graphical format that is easy to interpret.

The budget also allows you to make transfers safely and easily.  Thanks to alerts, you can instantly know everything happening on your accounts. Budgea’s strength is its financial forecasting technology. This gives you an estimate of your balance at the end of the month, so it avoids unpleasant surprises and helps you save more. Budgea operates with bank-level security, so your data is in good hands.


Good accounts make good friends, so use a reliable app to share and manage your accounts with friends. As a result, this tool is very practical for managing expenses during a vacation, a collocation or an evening with friends. Tricount is suitable for all users thanks to its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The app allows sharing accounts with the group and dividing expenses unequally. The beauty of Tricount is that it works offline so you can use it anywhere and anytime. To keep you updated, you can enable notifications, showing you the addition or modification of expenses.

Pilot Budget

Pilote Budget helps you manage your money to save or focus on essential expenses. The tool par excellence allows you to visualize all monthly expenses vis-à-vis income. Eventually, you will know what you have left to live. From this visualization, you can save money more easily. This will make it easier for you to manage small contingencies not included in your mandatory expenses. The application works discreetly, anonymously, free and, above all, confidential. Pilote Budget can be downloaded from Google Play but also from the App Store.


The wallet is used to track all your expenses in real time. But moreover, it serves to control all your financial operations so you can make the best decisions. The wallet has a free version that does not require payment. However, the paid version offers more features but is accessible through a monthly or annual subscription. Subscription fees are billed to users’ iTunes accounts. The monthly subscription costs you 1.99 euros without VAT. As for the annual subscription, it costs you 14.99 euros. This is an auto-renewing subscription unless you turn off auto-renewal a day before the deadline.

Fast Budget

Fast Budget helps you put some order in your finances. The application mainly checks his income and monitors his expenses to save. It gives you a fully customizable overview of all your financial information. Fast Budget allows you to categorize your expenses (rent, transport, tax, etc.) to facilitate the management of your budget. It is possible to create several categories if this facilitates management. The Fast Budget app puts different charts at your disposal to monitor your finances.

Expense And Budget Management

The Expense and budget management application allows you to track your expenses according to your income. Its interface is clear and intuitive, allowing you to add transactions in just a few clicks. It is a very convenient and easy-to-use application, as it automatically establishes your current balance.

It even uses a chart that illustrates your spending habits. From this diagram, you can monitor and curb your consumption if necessary. The Expense and budget management application is very secure. It is possible to use a password to protect your budget data. Thus, all important information remains inaccessible to others.

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