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Top 7 Apps To Listen To Audiobooks

Unfortunately, fewer and fewer young people read books in the paper version. Fortunately, there is an alternative: audiobooks. A more practical solution that appeals to young and old alike. To help you choose, find the 7 best apps for listening to audiobooks below.


Created by Amazon, Audible is an app that can work on Android, Windows, and iOS. It is very popular and offers a vast library including all genres (fiction, romance, politics, etc.). Easy to use, it has many filters allowing you to browse the different titles easily. You don’t need an internet connection to enjoy your book because you can listen to it anytime once you download it. 

Thanks to automatic synchronization, you can resume your listening from another medium. Note that it is possible to activate 10 devices at the same time. Other interesting features of this application: are adjustment of the playback speed, standby (automatic stop of playback), and fast forward/backward. If you want to subscribe,


It is a platform of Swedish origin that collaborates with famous publishing groups such as Editis. She suggests a well-stocked library with nearly 300,000 titles, including 7,000 titles in French. Do you like classics, detective novels, or even fantasy? By choosing Storytel, you are sure to find the genre you are looking for. As for the subscription, you have the choice between 3 formulas:

  1. If you want to enjoy 15 hours of listening, you have to pay 9.99 euros/per month.
  2. To benefit from 30 hours of listening, it’s 14.99 euros/month
  3. And for 45 hours of listening, you have to pay 17.99 euros/per month
  4. Note that the platform is available in more than twenty countries.

Kobo Fnac

Even if this application is less known than the other two mentioned above, it offers nearly 500,000 titles (50,000 in the language of Molière), which is far from negligible. With it, you have direct access to the Fnac bookstore. In addition, several features are available that ensure pleasant and convenient reading. Cross-platform synchronization, for example, allows users to resume reading where they left off, regardless of the medium chosen. 

But what sets Kobo Fnac apart is the personalized recommendations from which the user benefits. The application uses the reading history and the books you like to do this. You can share your passion for reading on your favorite social networks. For information, this app works on Android and iOS. If you are interested, the subscription is 9.99 euros/month.

Apple Books

Do you use Apple brand devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) daily? The Apple Books application will be of great use to you for listening to audiobooks. Its ease of use will seduce you. When you close a book, the app automatically remembers the last page you were on. And as soon as you have finished reading, you benefit from personalized recommendations to guide you in choosing your next reading. Regarding digital books, it is possible to make changes to the text and the appearance of the pages.

Google Play Books

Google Play books allow you to listen to audiobooks and read various ebooks and other comics or manga. You access a library with several million titles. Find more than 15 categories of audiobooks. There is something for every taste. Before purchasing a book, you are entitled to free extracts. This application is available on all devices running Android or iOS. There is no subscription, but the user must buy the titles that interest him individually. You should know that the books are available in about forty languages ​​, including French. If you have Google Home, ask it to read to you.


There is nothing better than this 100% French app to listen to an audiobook. Whatever the reading medium (tablet, PC, Smartphone, etc.), you can enjoy a book wherever you are without having to connect to the internet. The subscription amounts to 9.99 euros/month, but first of all, you must create a Cultura customer account (a brand specializing in cultural and creative leisure). Like the other apps in this list, it is possible to resume reading where you left off on a different medium from the one you used a little earlier. This is called automatic synchronization.


Librivox is one of the best applications to appreciate any audiobook properly. The latter is well known for its large collection of books. Here, you can easily find classic bestsellers and consult them for free. An efficient filter system (title, author’s name, genre, ..) helps you find the coveted book in record time. 

In addition, you will appreciate its sleep function, which is very useful when sleep begins to watch for you during your reading. It is compatible with devices that have an Android or iOS operating system. In short, the applications are present when listening to audiobooks. Aside from the subscription cost, consider the different features offered, as they greatly improve the listening experience.

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