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Top 10 free CRMs for VSEs and SMEs

You are looking for a new business idea for your company. Or you are independent. Therefore, you are undoubtedly aware that meeting your customers’ demands is essential to your business’s success. Pay attention to the growth of customer connections and start using a free CRM.

The modern business world is changing at a breakneck pace. Therefore, business owners are in fierce competition with each other. They must always look for innovative solutions to maintain their business expansion and market leadership. Also, businesses that have maintained close ties with their customers and are best able to meet their needs are more likely to thrive.

Due to the above reasons, it’s easy to overlook that customer relationship management is essential to moving your business forward. So let’s focus on free CRM solutions, the best partners to improve customer relations. Therefore, we recommend you review the Top 10 Best Free CRM Software summary.

Let’s start with a definition of free CRM software. What are its main features and advantages? Will its application be beneficial for direct business? Two types of CRMs do not require payment:

  1. Open source CRM: Although it offers some unique features, installing and configuring such a CRM will likely require hiring an expert (team) or additional training. Moreover, thanks to this discomfort, you can adapt the platform to the needs of your own company.
  2. Freemium CRM:  This type of CRM has more advanced features, such as a limit of free users, data storage space, contacts, additional settings, and access to the support service, among others.

So which of the free options is better? Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question because what is excellent for one company may be insignificant for another. Therefore, consider the expert opinion and our opinion on the Top 10 Best Free CRM Software.

Hubspot CRM

The main advantage of this system is that it is a complete CRM. Various review sites have awarded the platform numerous awards, including Gartner, G2 Crowd, Nucleus Research, Comparably.com, financeonline.com, and more. The solution aims to increase the productivity of sellers, service providers, and small and medium-sized businesses. 

It lets you get comprehensive sales data and close many deals quickly and wisely. Another remarkable aspect of Hubspot is its easy-to-use interface and navigation. Hubspot is a free platform that lets you save up to 1,000,000 contacts, users, and storage without expiration dates or hidden fees.


Freshsales has earned among the best CRMs because it is a high-quality CRM designed for high-speed teams. CRM can satisfy sales teams by helping them manage thousands of leads while providing a clear and easy-to-use interface.

But what sets Freshsales apart as genuinely deserving? There are no lengthy procedures or complicated setup requirements, strong integration capabilities, enhanced functionality through integrations, the ability to capture, nurture, score, split, and verify leads and the possibility of configuring numerous filters.

Freshsales is free for small teams of any size but comes with no scanning, limited file storage, and other limitations. Four paid plans are also available, starting at $12 per month. The good news is that you will receive exactly what you paid for at no additional cost.

Zoho CRM

For various reasons, it is currently one of the most popular free CRMs. First, Zoho helps with relationship administration and fully automates sales, lead, and email management. Small and medium businesses, independent contractors, retailers, and the service industry can all benefit from this solution.

Regarding price, Zoho CRM is a free platform for up to three users with 1 GB of data storage. You’ll also get access to onboarding, support, project management, a professional analytics board, and ten email templates, among other things. However, if you want to access more features, you can upgrade to a paid edition, which starts at $12 per user each month (billed annually).


The platform, one of the most widely used solutions in the market, comes in a well-equipped package. A free version of the system is also available for private entrepreneurs and small business owners. It is a freemium CRM, unlike Hubspot. If the possibility of getting additional services for minimal cost doesn’t scare you, pay attention to Insightly.

Insightly is one of the best free CRM software out there, with an excellent no-cost offering that includes two-user access, 2,500 contacts, 200MB of data storage, and sales tools. Base, social media, and online communities. However, for advanced features, you’ll need to purchase an upgrade, which starts at $29 per user each month (billed annually).

CRM Module

You can use the platform to convert customer relationships into sales opportunities. The solution can also allow users to create contact lists, import and categorize users based on their interactions, generate statistical reports, track social networks and save customer information. 

Private entrepreneurs, small/medium teams, and social media retailers will benefit from the Capsule. The free plan includes two users, 250 contacts, and 10 MB of data storage. Users can upgrade to one of two paid plans for $12/month or $24/month to gain access to more features.

CRM Suite

This is another open-source platform that helps accomplish non-traditional CRM tasks. In addition, this solution stands out for its ability to be used in a private/public cloud, on a personal server, or on Amazon. SuiteCRM lets users get detailed statistics about their customers, increase sales and conversions, and improve customer service. 

Another fantastic benefit of the platform is that you and your team can easily communicate and quickly access data. Who is responsible for assigning a solution? Everyone (it reliably serves small teams to large, experienced groups). SuiteCRM is free for the long term, with no expensive plans or hidden maintenance fees. In other words, all the features specified in the offer are free.

vTiger CRM

It is an open-source CRM based on Sugar. vTiger CRM was once part of SugarCRM, but the two platforms eventually went their separate ways. Recently, vTiger released a free version called “shareware freeware” because the solution required users to install the specified paid version before receiving the non-paid plan. 

However, vTiger no longer offers a free edition; the most affordable price is $10 per month. The advantage of vTiger CRM is its extensive feature set, which includes inventory tracking, invoicing, and project management. By the way, these functions are tough to find in other CRM systems.

Agile CRM

The platform is new to the CRM market but rapidly gaining popularity and getting positive feedback. Besides, the system contains many features, like lead generation, custom data fields, and email tracking. As the solution was created with “loving small businesses” in mind, it was designed with this market segment in mind.

As for the cost of Agile CRM, the free edition allows managing up to 10 users and 1000 contacts. You’ll also get access to marketing and customer service features and unlimited transactions and document access. If your business grows and you need more features, you can change your monthly pricing plan to $8.99 per user. Interestingly, Agile discounts customers who pay two years in advance.


Streak offers a Gmail CRM that is fully integrated with your inbox. Based on well-known everyday software, the application facilitates the adoption of CRM for new users. You can easily retrieve information and contact data from Google Sheets with the Streak CRM Importer add-on or import CSV files offline to build your mailing lists. So you no longer need to fill in the fields and send emails to each person individually.

Email tracking shows you who read your email, where they read it (with a handy map view), and how many times they read it. This feature is ideal for improving visibility within your organization, but especially in the field of sales. Once you know that someone has read your message and you better understand their behavior, you can advance the sales process by ensuring prompt and appropriate follow-up. This will help you avoid sending duplicate emails repeatedly and can cultivate good relationships with customers.


It is a small solution that gives you full access to all essential features. The system can help you gather all your contacts in one dashboard, administer them and send emails from there. You will also be able to manage projects, participate in video chats, and use an internal social network. 

Regarding the benefits of Bitrix24, the solution can be used on any device, run on any operating system, and be integrated into social media profiles. The platform is best suited for small to medium-sized teams and sales.

As mentioned earlier, you will have full access to all functions for the free version. You can also have up to 12 users and 5 GB of storage. Apart from that, there are premium versions, but the difference between these and the free version is minor: it mainly depends on the number of users. If you want more, the cost starts at $69 per month.

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