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Project Monitoring: The Complete Guide

Successful undertaking observing is about something beyond pursuing the ideal choices and doling out errands to representatives. Knowing where your group takes and controlling your undertaking’s development is vital. The objective? That happens as indicated by the arranged timetable and the assets the client designates. 

At Team Leader, we encourage you to utilize a task-checking device for many reasons. From its plan to its development, including its preparation and association, Teamleader gives you all the keys to follow your tasks with an expert’s hand.

Project Manager, Why?

The key to good project monitoring is to follow the client’s direction while respecting his objectives, budgets and deadlines. To start, you must plan your project, measure its progress and properly organize all the company’s activities. An excellent online project manager only prevents some problems but reduces risk. It is, above all, necessary to anticipate and quickly identify the risks and to be able to take the appropriate measures in time. Here are the main benefits of using a project tracking tool:

  1. An always clear vision of the progress of your project;
  2. Optimal management of your resources;
  3. Empowerment of your employees;
  4. Simplified information sharing;
  5. Save time in billing your services;
  6. Increased collaboration and productivity;
  7. An estimate of your margin per project;
  8. Foolproof tracking of your team’s working time.

Our Advice

Teamleader reveals its recommendations for maximized and profitable project monitoring. Our strategy works in three steps:

Planning Your Project

Organize this one based on a study carried out beforehand, preferably. This lets you know how to manage your resources, budgets and deadlines and satisfy all your customer’s needs.

Division Of Tasks

Assign these within your team, considering your employees’ skills and strengths. By having a global view of the activity of your employees, motivate them and anticipate possible weaknesses to remedy them immediately.


The key word in project monitoring: is control. Ensure that your project runs smoothly and that all your deadlines are met. By continuously keeping everything on hand, learn to anticipate the risks relating to your projects to offer better quality services to your customers. For the management of your projects, various functionalities are offered to you by the project monitoring tools:

  1. The specifications: this serves as a reference at all times to be sure to keep the right direction about your objectives, deadlines and budgets.
  2. The schedule: determine the actions to be carried out and their duration. Immediately identify who you have entrusted with which tasks to support your team throughout the project better. Correcting the shooting as soon as possible is also an advantage in case of error or weakness.
  3. Dashboards and diagrams: these can be very useful for acquiring an overview of your project, the tasks already completed, in progress, and to be carried out. Ultimately, you can analyze which actions took you the most time and thus optimize your future proposals.
  4. Communication: whether through internal messaging or regular follow-up meetings, it is crucial to maintain regular contact with all the stakeholders in your organization. Thus, everyone is aware of the progress of the project. Transparency and access to information are essential to the success of any project.
  5. Performance monitoring indicators: ideal for analyzing your specifications and evaluating your room for improvement.

Some Effective Tools

Project Management With Excel

Project monitoring with Excel is possible in the context of small projects… only. Excel offers restricted functionality. Working with spreadsheets and then sharing via email works when you don’t have too many tasks to manage or too many team members. Useful for starting a project but less convenient for managing your project in real-time.

Another Project Tracking Tool: Trello

Tracking a project with Trello is also a possibility. With a very visually specific approach to the image of post-its on a board, this tool allows you to plan and organize simple projects easily and quickly. Disadvantage? Trello is not the most suitable tool as your business grows. Excel and Trello are tools for managing collaborative projects, but ultimately, they are not solutions that allow you to manage larger projects. These tools only sometimes have all the features you need to manage your business. You may feel limited in your actions.

Our Online Project Manager: Teamleader Focus

Teamleader Focus is project tracking software. This all-in-one tool combines project management, client management, time tracking and invoicing, all in just a few clicks! Teamleader Focus already supports and facilitates the growth of more than 15,000 SMEs today. They chose us because of the many features such as quoting, project planning, labor, financial and risk management. Want to save time, efficiency and internal and external satisfaction? Test our Team Leader Focus project tracking tool for free for two weeks, with no obligation!

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