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How Do You Manage Technical Assistance Interventions

During our experience, we have been able to deal with different production sectors and we have observed the peculiarities and needs of each one, to be able to transform them into solutions that could help our customers. In many companies there is the need to carry out an after-sales technical assistance service and to keep track of who carries out the intervention, recording all the operations in a customer file. 

It is a rather complex system that must be kept track of in an orderly and constant manner, without running the risk of missing data recording or ineffective communications between collaborators. Over time and with the help of our customers, who have expressed their needs to us, we have developed an application for customer management. Let’s see in the following paragraphs how NetManager can help professionals improve their after-sales service.

Plan For Customer Support

A thermo-hydraulic company has carried out an intervention to install a system on a construction site on behalf of a private individual. However, after a few weeks, due to flooding, the system broke down and urgent intervention was requested by the customer. This is an exceptional case, which does not fall within the workload planned for that period by the company.

However, it is important to know how to respond to customer needs to maintain a good relationship and build a good corporate reputation. How to understand who among the employees can go out to repair, record the intervention in the customer file, and keep track of all the operations carried out by the technician? The client companies we met over time used the most diverse methods such as Excel files saved on the desktop, paperwork tables, and email communications between staff. 

However, according to the companies themselves, this system required a lot of work and often did not produce the desired effect, generating chaos and lack of communication among the staff with consequent dissatisfaction of the user who had requested assistance. It is for this reason that over time we have developed the ” Ticket ” function in NetManager (if you do not yet know our solution for managing estimates, and potential and existing customers,  click here ).

How Does Customer Ticket Management Work?

In  Net Manager :

  1. the owner can check on the activity calendar which employee is free on that day to carry out the intervention and assign him the  management of the intervention ;
  2. it is possible to create an  intervention request to  be sent to the employee, entering the description of the activity, activating a reminder, indicating the priority, and monitoring the progress;
  3. the intervention is recorded in the customer relationship archive, together with estimates, invoices, and related documents, without the need to create numerous folders
  4. at a glance you have all the planned activities available with the opening date, inserting user, and assigned user. In this way, the staff is facilitated in communication, knowing the person to turn to in case of need for a comparison.

Regardless of the size of the company, our goal is to provide concrete support to your activities to make you work efficiently, guaranteeing you the right tools to assist your customer from his acquisition to after-sales. We are available to listen to your needs and discuss possible solutions together in a non-binding conversation.

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