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AI & Digital Marketing: This Is How Brands Involve Audiences

Artificial Intelligence algorithms, which analyze Internet behavior in real-time, help marketers achieve their goals by better-focusing advertising investments. This was discussed at an event organized by Quantcast. General Manager Zampori: «Technology is disrupting marketing and brands are drowning in data. They are rich in data but poor in insight.”

Artificial Intelligence will help Digital Marketers be more productive and more creative. As? Improving techniques to identify new consumers, personalize messages and protect brands from online fraud by identifying bots and unsafe sites. Digital Advertising thus becomes more effective because Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms analyze behavior on the Internet in real-time and understand whether a site is interesting for the brand. And because audiences are constantly evolving, as are our behaviors as consumers, this can only happen with intelligent, real-time behavioral analysis.

Ilaria Zampori, General Manager of Quantcast Italia, a Californian company specializing in this area, offers a platform for analyzing the behavior of online audiences based on AI for programmatic advertising. The platform helps marketers engage digital audiences through the use of machine learning technologies that can give brands a real-time pulse of the Internet, directly analyzing over 100 million web and mobile destinations.

Traditional Advertising Does Not Foster Growth

«We are facing a brand growth crisis : 52% of brand fortunes are declining, but the others are also growing but only slightly despite massive advertising investments. Often the scapegoat is the CMO , so much so that the average length of time this manager spends in the company is continually decreasing. We need to reverse this trend.  CMOs must become CGOs, Chief Growth Officers . ” What is the answer? Technology comes to help, but today, it needs to be more effective because it no longer finds the right target, which is mobile: customers move from one channel to another with a click.

«Technology is disrupting marketing and brands are drowning in data . They are data-rich but insight-poor . They plan the media and not the audiences , which are fragmented and are divorcing themselves from the media. Brands are not connected to their consumers,” said the manager. “Marketing is at an inflection point because AI will transform every customer experience, every business and every industry.”

Today, over 70% of investments in Internet Advertising are channeled by OTTs, Google and Facebook first and foremost. However, according to Zampori, this is different from how brands manage to reach audiences because most of the time users spend browsing the Internet in general. We are only at the beginning of a journey, but the transformation is underway. These technologies are already widely used and offer significant levels of accuracy.

An Example: The MSC Case

An example of how Quantcast’s real-time data analytics platform works is MSC Cruises, which used it with the aim of increasing direct sales (eCommerce and Contact Center) and increasing the volume of online conversions in France, the UK and Italy through programmatic display campaigns. Quantcast acted on three fronts. 

First of all, it defined the target audience through the analysis of those who had already booked a cruise with MSC Cruises. It then identified in-market users for cruises and reached them with display ads. Ultimately, it provided MSC Cruises with valuable audience insights to better understand its consumers and influence other marketing initiatives. This approach allowed the cruise company to optimize the cost of acquisition by 87% and to increase the leading ROI indicators of digital advertising by three figures.

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